i got soul but i'm not a soldier.

how i cherish the one on one time i get while nursing this kid. We gaze into eachothers' eyes, i give his curly hair a twirl in my finger, he flips my bottom lip repeatedly with his tiny fingers. I call him my baby bird, his sweet little lips curl into a coy smile...and then...
he craps. 

...the loudest, wettest GOAT smelling diaper I can imagine. I start to panic that it is leaking all over my lap (like the time in Outback with Elyott), I quickly unsnap his onesie and call for reinforcements: a paper towel, burp rag ANYTHING to put under him. One of my kids come running to help (bless their little potty trained hearts) I place the barrier between his bum and my only pair of pants that fit me right now ("what will i wear tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day??") then both Sonny and I breathe a sigh of relief. He eats a little more and finishes off with a jaw clamp and back arch with my poor nip in tow. 

Ah precious moments.

team boo 's you

(*side note: next morning he totally duked me all over my running shorts two milliseconds before i left to the gym. That'll teach me to blob about narrow poop escapes.)


Taylor K said...

Oh the joys of breastfeeding. I did lots of breastfeeding training in my postpartum doula class this weekend. We had a fake boob and a baby doll and we had to 'master' the advanced poses. Gnarly.

ArizonaLewis said...

it is so sweet.
and a feeling you nearly forget-
until your in the goat barn and hear a floppy eared kid scream for its nan as it's getting pulled away for judging and you actually feel a nursing let down.
for a baby goat.
at a fair.
because it's natural.
i tried to forget about it by eating another corn dog.

Dawn said...

i'm laughing because my son does this pretty much EVERYTIME he eats.
who knew such a tiny baby could have such huge man sized farts.. or sharts if you will.

Jenny said...

I love this. Visiting from :)

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