baby mama

Well, actually you weren't...but some people who know Steph were. So i've been busy getting things ready.  Yes, my big seester {no pun intended} has finally jumped on the "baby train" and I am in delicate charge of her getting stuff for it (by way of baby shower ;)  All at the mercy of changing hormones and food cravings, doing my best to satisfy this beautiful guest of honor (and her mystery gendered baby):
I will post pictures as soon as i get a chance...have a beautiful weekend!

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Shelly Smith said...

Oh my goodness! Stephanie looks wonderful! When is her due date? You know you shouldn't forget to invite your aunties from Northern California. They certainly won't be able to attend but they will send gifts! :0) Give our love to Stephanie and Lisa.. still waiting to see pictures and know the name of Lisa's newest! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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