Success! However the 10 minutes I had to get ready, with my dirty hat hair, resulted in me looking disturbingly like a giant baby! 

{oopsies }

I have a little love/hate with party planning...meaning I dread every minute until the actual day of setup (when adrenaline finally takes over). But of all mothers, there are few as deserving as Steph, due to the countless hours she's logged putting on parties for everyone else (she is the master of all party planners). 

Shout outs to Summer and Bert for being such willing helpers, and of course my sister Lisa who Co-planned and cleaned everything! {with her 3 monkeys in tow....making her the hero of the day in my book}  

Steph is going to make an amazing that my kids already covet as their own in fact! And hooray for new babies that i don't have to give birth to...can't wait to meet you baby!!!


ArizonaLewis said...

soo cute. i love the tree branch with pictures.
you're one creative cookie with very nice calves, i might add.

Chandra said...

Ok, your sister is the most gorgeous pregnant woman EVER! She looks like she should be on the cover of a magazine. I am so jealous of her beautiful red hair.

And I love your lace peeking out of the bottom of your dress, it makes it so much more fun. :)

It looks like it was a great party and everyone had a great time.

PS I wish my dirty hair looked as good as yours does. LOL

Kara said...

i spy a nothing bundt cake?!? you guys are amazing...seriously.

Deborah said...

once again....a fabulous party. love your twirlingness.
and you did not look like a giant baby.

stacie amber white said...

that's the most amazing shower i've ever seen! you're giving martha a run for her money.

sayred said...

Carolyn, you make/made it look sooooooo good!! (With the help of Lisa and friends, of course.) And I happen to love that you dressed up like a big baby for the sake of the theme. You are awesome. xox ;)O=

Kyality said...

You kinda did look like a baby, but with super freaky grampa jim feet!

Carolyn said...

LOL, So true Kyle!!...Thanks for keeping things real ;)

brit.brit.brit said...

is that a cherry blossem tree? favorite!

loved the favor boxes..and how quaint and intimate it looked..
did you have to rent the chairs and linens...? lucky friend of yours...everything was adorable

Carolyn said...

thanks brit :)

The tables and chairs belonged to a neighbor, we scored big time, the linens and decor is just in our "sister collection" and the tree is an apricot that i just got to plant in my yard for spring. So the party only cost about $150 for food.

I don't do the cooking AAAND decorating like your amazingness ;)

Cali Girl said...

okay, so this party is adorable and you all look so cute and look like you're having so much fun!

i just found your blog and LOVE it. toooooo cute!

may i ask what kind of food you had at the party? im having a get together saturday and would love some ideas!

also... do you have any more party pics from other events you and your friends have put together? you should go in business... so creative!!!!

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