When we were 5  it was candy necklaces. By junior high we'd graduated to hulking watermelon Ring Pops.
Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, sucking on our jewelry has become much less socially acceptable.
These new beauties of mine, though not edible, nevertheless give me a simple way to spruce up even my scuzziest of looks.
I am determined to simplify the things that clutter my life and therfore my mind. How will buying something else will help me achieve this?? 
Well, the short answer won't.
Buuuut I am cutting mindless spending, mindless eating, aaaand tossing much of the crap in my closet, but not forgetting to add a few new simple pieces of course {because these cost me less than your morning coffee}.
my new gems  
{tiny and feminine}
{simple and sweet}
{would love to buy more}
find others like them here .
**p.s. they are earrings

1 comment:

S and K said...

Those are too cute! I think I might just have to get me some. And I think they almost look cute enough or enough like candy I COULD lick them! Love the new life philosopy...might have to adopt that one too. You were just full of good ideas in this post...keep it up I need the help.
Hey also the boys need to play again soon.

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