you're a star!

So many of us are the start-on-Monday-with-a-killer-work-out-and-an-all-day-menu-of-raw-veggies type. I've seen it a thousand times, i've done it a thousand times.  {i promise it's only coincidence that this is a monday posting} Anyway, it's stupid.  For one, this plan awakens the devil insanity inside of me....then, come day three, I'm on a girl scout cookie bender in one giant porkfest. 
Since this is my year of simplification, why can't I make healthy living easy...and actually attainable.  I CAN! Enter: "the 5 star system" So seeeemple, I love it.  Forget perfect eating...forget tracking calories per workout.  Just do some of it, any of it. Aim for as many stars per day you can, and watch little steps morph into good habits. Stretching, sleeping, and being positive are just as important to being healthy. Baby steps folks. think baby steps.
{As seen in Self magazine's March 2009 issue}
Cause we'd all love to be cankle-free and have an "'A' that won't quit" but mostly we want to feel happy and strong with the bodies we are so blessed to have...cheesy yes, but so true.  And we want to be good examples for our kids. But we don't need to be the hottest mom in book club...we just don't.

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