Like any special gathering, it seems the adults take it upon themselves to prepare food as if there were no tomorrow.  Our Easter festivities were no exception.  Baked Brie, Ribs, Sweet rolls, Lemon meringue pie, and much more.  It was amazing.  And i went to bed with a massive stomach ache.

Adam told me i looked like i felt "miserable" in this picture.  Perhaps it was the gorgefest, but actually i was having a great easter sunday.  Thanks anyway for your honesty my dear.

Crazy eyes and hefty new nieces are so awesome and sweet. 

It was all i could do to keep Sheamus from sporting his new Iron man costume in church.  Elyott smuggled her new sticky hand toy into sunday school and slapped someone on the back of the head.  Perhaps next year we will wait until after church to open our easter baskets ;)


Chandra said...

Wow, you look awesome when you are miserable! You also always have the most amazing lipstick on. You have the best lips.

The picture of your nieces is sweet...and also makes me laugh.

You have a great looking family there. Well, except for Adam, but every family has to have weird looking one in the bunch. ;)

Sara said...

You have fantastic hair!

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