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...home of amazing graphic design, custom invitations and announcements. It just so happens that its creator is my beautiful sister Stephanie, whose latest project was announcments for her very own {very first} baby girl.  

If you can imagine it came in a homemade kraft envelope and is the size of a business card. Gromits attach each section that accordions out into what i have scanned below. I hate that its full adorableness can't be showcased properly, but i trust that you will believe me when i say it is the cutest baby announcement i've seen in a long time...maybe ever.

When I see this sweet creation, my eyes burn with shame for my lack of effort when my babies entered into this world {I didn't even get the cheap costco kind}. A fact that is only marginally less tragic than the wedding announcements Adam and i used for our big day. Seriously anyone could have eaten some paper and crapped better ones than i sent. but whatev.

*Say sweet...say adorable....SayRED

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