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"my biggest regret of motherhood is not being able to slap people"

This morning after Elyott was already at school, my husband found that she'd carved her name into the paint of our new car. She has been meaning to give it a name, but i never thought she'd make it so official.

Kids can be such turds.

While this sort of this does not set me off (i'm not really that into cars).....i know it can't go without consequence. So, Elyott chose her own punishment after getting time to mull it over (an effective tactic used frequently in my husband's childhood, thanks Jeanine!)...she chose no computer for a month! i thought that was very big of her (hopefully she understands what a month truly is).  She even said to me a couple weeks into it "i just wish i had made a better choice mom." 

...thats right sucker

JK i love you ;)


m. estelle said...

i can't wait to be a mom.

hey, at least you have a good story to tell the other moms when you're waiting in the pick-up line, eh?


S and K said...

WHAT?? If that doesn't set you off, do fill me on on what does?? I'm impressed---can you picture what I would have done...oh the damage! ;)

Deborah said...

that sucks! maybe, just hang on to the car until she turns 16 and then give it to her for he birthday.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I'd most likely finish what she started, "_______ stinks!"
What's wrong with that?

Laura said...

This reminds me of an old crappy car my dad used to drive - the cars get worse over the years but this one was particularly crappy. It was a 2 door hatch back and the 2 doors were different colours.
I'd always get in the one side - the light blue door as opposed to the dark blue one. By the time the car was being scrapped my name was all over the light side of the car, stars, love hearts, scribbles... I think he liked it.

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