selling my soul.

Over at MommyWantsVodka, Aunt Becky posed the question "WHY DO YOU BLOG?" which apparently was the lamest "hot topic" of a blogging convention she attended (there are actual blogging conventions??). Lame yes, but i am still going to answer it right here for you, because i often wonder this myself (pretend like you care)...
-i blog in an attempt to phase real human interaction out of my life all together. I think with this pregnancy i am almost there... ;)
-it is the only way i can "talk" to people while wearing a maternity tube top dress (without a bra) and still maintain some dignity.
-its a creative outlet to drop the random things in my head (what other forum could i post a picture of pants with a sewn in fart? )
-it just so happens we meet some amazing people along the way. If we are lucky, we can win some free crap and have people stroke our wounded mommy egos. Like a win....and then more winning!
-its a safe place to post your amateur photography....and exploit your amateur parenting skills.
-we can remember the things we love about our kids, without making those gaudy scrapbooks with a whole pages devoted to worthless stuff like.....the first time they went on a mechanical horse outside of Walmart.
-we can trick people into thinking we are photogenic...when really, we have hormonal pregnancy breakouts like you wouldn't believe. (but since i'm all about keeping it "real" i would never do such a thing, i'm just saying if you wanted to you could. shut up...I CHOOSE WHAT'S REAL!!)
-it helps me see a lighter, "bloggable" side to the unglamorous life i lead...which in all honesty is pretty frigging awesome. thankless, but awesome.


boots said...

i need an extension please, i know i wont be able to win the prize, but when i get my mac working again (and get a firewire that fits my computer) i will be sending my video in to project boo. thanks for blogging for whatever reasons you do. okay now i am rambling... i hate this time of the month.'s that time.

Carolyn said...

i have had a couple requests for the same thing...i'll see what i can do :)

leigh said...

word up sista!

m. estelle said...

woman. you really are amazing.
lovely, inspiring, and amazing.

i hope that little babe in your belly is happy and well.


ArizonaLewis said...

this is my favorite post.
i'm going to copy and paste it to mine and claim it as my own too- if that's ok.
you're my favorite blog friend even though i knew a short blond haired version of you long ago.
thanks for being honest, hilare, lighthearted and so, so, so creative. and for having the world's largest pregnancy boobs.

valerie said... it.

selling souls indeed.

Megan Marie said...

you have this blogging thing figured out.

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