unclench people.

Project Boo's deadline is here!
but i heard that a couple of you still aren't ready to throw in the towel.
(plus i haven't posted all the ones i have received
plus i still haven't let you in on what the prize is.)
CLEARLY some of us suck at deadlines.
so I am granting you a little more time to get these suckers in.
and since "summer" officially ends for us (ie. school starts) on...
(monday) Aug. 10th
i am extending the deadline until then for all you late-ies*
(*that really only works when you type it, otherwise it just sounds like im calling you "ladies"
when really i'm just trying to insult you....but hopefully my "too good face" up top already did the trick ;)
now get going!!...


boots said...

so gracious, thank you my lady.

missy. said...

I think you are beautiful and have an amazingly gorgeous family. Don't let your pregnancy make you think otherwise lady!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

If it makes you feel any better someone asked us last night at a wedding reception if we were brother and sister. last night. we both threw up everywhere!

cara. said...

yay yay yay!

some of us were busy having a baby, nursing, moving, not sleeping, apartment hunting, nursing, crying for no reason at all, and now moving again. and now nursing again.

so i thank you.

i have footage! just gotta edit!

The earlier limn gets the worm said... are you like a part-time astrologist? I'm a total late-ie on my dot....gotcha! the summer vids are totally out of this world...most of them would be saggitarious'

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