butta face.

Look how cute these plates are! 
I just bought them from here 
(...but was a little dissapointed cause they are glass. 
What dum dum makes a kid plate out of glass??)
anyway, cross your fingers that they will make a difference.
for, my kids are the biggest food snobs.
and while I'm at it, so is my husband.
i try to make them dinners
{well, not recently}
but they basically always end up eating cereal
and i end up eating leftovers for seven meals straight.
but then it got me thinking... 6 year old still pees her pants everyday, refuses to learn to ride a bike and can't tie her shoes. My 3 year old still would rather poop in the driveway than our toilet, gets up at least 20 times every night after we put him to bed and may or may not know all of his colors consistently (i think he purposely torments me with this one).

why do i suck so hard at teaching my kids stuff?!?

Am i in some alternate universe where down is up, and bodily waste is sanitary?? Don't get me wrong it does freak me out when i see babies wearing underwear...who eat greenbeans and brocolli cause their mom just dropped it on their tray. But that's probably only because mine scale my cabinets to the ceiling to devour the stale chocolate i forgot i hid from myself...and pee on the floor in front of the fridge while looking for a snack. 

All things considered, I am proud of my little barbarian family.  It recently donned on me one night, during bedtime stories, that someday they won't want to read all the sweet little books we've collected over the will be all about gift certificates and gaming systems, and i will yearn for the days of sleeping with PB & jelly smears on the edges of my bed, listening to my kids laugh at Looney Tunes re-runs, fights over who gets to sit by me, crawling itsy bitsy spider up their tummies, drawing little faces on each of their tootsies, and all the random presents they make me throughout the day (a homemade mailbox, a tiny leprechaun hat, a bowl of mushy cut up fruit so my "tummy feels better").

My kids are thoughtful and funny....and have the affection and sweetness enough to make a Carebear puke. So despite their heavy resistance to bathroom progress, i wouldn't trade these moments in my life for anything.

cause as luck would have it, 
God has provided us various genius ways of coping with motherhood: 
I choose love!
...and stockholm syndrome ;)


Sarah said...

aww your little family is so cute.

Lindsay said...

Those plates are way too cute!

And I'm the pickiest person in the world too. Have you tried Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious?

Same New Story said...

aww this post was too funny. this reminds me of my family while growing up. i have three much younger siblings and those moments that drove my mom crazy are the ones we all still bring up to this day and laugh and laugh.

Carolyn said...


i have that Jessica Seinfeld book!... It is awesome, i got all excited and pureed all the stuff, but now it all just sits in the back of my freezer :( I'm such a loser.

Krista said...

love the plate idea.
i think every kid has their things that drive their parents crazy. mine likes to grab his poop and fling it, dig his itty bitty fingernails in my skin and other things that make my teeth do an underbite clench.

Sara said...

I could've used those plates growing up. I'm not sure they would've done anything, but they would've been fun!

boots said...

you rock as a mom, your kids are just TOO COOL for school. duh!

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

those plates are adorable! i want them for myself...

Laila Of Course! said...

Your family is simply too, too cute! :) And I think that even though you have the occasional speed bump, just enjoy the sweet moments now!! People grow up just way too fast.

Be sure and pop by & leave a note! :)


kelly said...

i too have the jessica seinfeld cooky.
pee and poo accidents/on purposes top my chart of "most suck fest parenting tasks" woowza. you deserve a metal or something. 2 even.
kids are precious. their poop is not. am i right or an i right?

cara. said...

i laugh.

The Mrs. said...

those are cute plates but I know even with them my kids would tell me where I could put their veggies.

And just so you know my four year old prefers to pee in the yard, granted we live on a farm but still. When he was three I caught him just in the nick of time before he peed at the park. boys.

MaryPosa said...

So i stumbled upon your blog at work, (yeah... because i read random blogs instead of working) and felt a little silly for a minute because of my unsuccessful attempt at trying not to laugh out loud. And here i thought i was a terrible mom because my 3 year old is still un-toilet trained, eats nothing but peanut butter bread and corn dogs (with most of the corn bread part picked off of course), and somehow finds her way into my bed every night armed with handfuls of cookie crumbs which i find plastered to my pregnant tummy every morning.

You are delightful.

Thanks for blogging and for being a human mom. I love it.

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