getting a grip.

I should have taken this baby and run when i had the chance....
Yesterday I was reading some of Nie's archives (cause all i have is tiiiiiiime) that refreshed my memory on what it means to be in the moment with my life. Her blog oooses maternal love and a cozy feeling. I was reminded how much I know that I am right in the middle of everything I want. Thanks for the reality check Nie!  She should be a life coach ;) i luf her. ...buuuuuuuut really though, i should have just stolen this kid and saved myself all the sicks.
*{also, if you are wondering why it looks like i have a mustache....'s just a foreshadowing, caught as only a camera can, of what pregnancy will bring. 
thank you hormones}


moonshinejunkyard said...

that baby is INCREDIBLY gorgeous. but then again so are your little towheads.

this is why i want to breed with my hub. he is portuguese and his baby pictures are insanely achingly cute.

anyway nice to get a little reality check. life's pretty grand, really.

heisschic said...

oh shush- you have no mustache (in that pic at least... ha)

and you are stunning.

though now i am (again) terrified of procreating. you and dooce have scared me off. (not a bad thing-- im unmarried and 23. pregnancy would be quite a surprise)

Chelsea Diane said...

Oh my gosh,,, seriously, anytime I am having a rather crappy day I hop over here and read your blog.. and I always get a laugh and it brightens my day!! Then I end up sending my mom the link and making her day too!! So thank you for being you and brightening my days! You rock! Congrats on the baby btw!!

Carolyn said...


what a totally sweet thing to say!

Now every time I am having a crappy day I'll look up your COMMENT, and i'll then i can feel better too. See what you did there ;)

thanks for spreading the love!


Carolyn said...


my daughter is totally your kindred spirit! Last year she held her own christmas party in JULY that she carried out all by herself (well kinda)...

...we wanted to do it again this year, but i wanna die (again, only kinda)

Yes pregnancy sickness is the worst! but you may never experience it. You may just get something else really Preeclampsia, where your legs swell up like balloons. Its gonna be awesome in one way or another, i promise ;)

littlegypsy. said...

that is one beautiful baby!
i want one! where do i sign up?

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