project boo: by Rachel

so jealous of the scenery in this place!
i want to be there
i want to be anywhere but in my bed,
playing the generic version {Tile world} of old school Chips challenge
how pathetic is it that my shoulder hurts from pushing buttons on my laptop.

thanks Rachel!
and your cutest kids
{i want to link to you...but you're a private dancer}

by Rachel on Vimeo.

Project Boo is still going strong!!
but you better BUST A MOVE...


boots said...

Oh no you didn't call me out! hehe, I'm working, working.... i better get working!

Brittany said...

I am almost done. Just putting the finishng touches on it. I hope you are feeling better. If I lived close I would come visit you and take your cute kids for ya.

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