stuck in bed

this is what last week looked like.
{I, appropriately, was elephant}  and all this bed confinement got me feeling quite sorry for myself. but then i remembered this quote:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift…that’s why it’s called the present
-master Uguay
{kung foo Panda}
such words are hard to believe on a day like today
when it feels like i ate a dead hamster for breakfast.
but i gots to stay positive 
cause soon my sickness will subside 
and the universe will trade the nausea, 
for basketball sized boobs.
which, contrary to poular belief, is not a gift
but a curse!
but OOOOOOH babies!!
...that is how I know today really is a gift after all :)


leigh said...

I used this fabulous thing called The Relief Band when I was knocked up last time. It really works. It's pricey but worth it!

Here is a link

Good luck!

littlegypsy. said...


TeeTee said...

i loved this post!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

:) I do love your blog. Xx

Jessie said...

I hope you start feeling better!!

Yay for babies though! Congrats!

Sara said...

Maybe if you gave the hamster a name it would help you feel better?

Perhaps Monty? Or Stefani, like Gwen Stefani?

missy. said...

That has been a favorite quote of mine before kung foo panda brought it out :) glad to see you are trying to stay positive.

cara. said...

i would not trade positions with you.

at all.

but i'm looking at my tiny little baby and can assure you, it is, in fact worth it. . . plus you produce the cutest and seemingly most fun of children. so good work.

The earlier limn gets the worm said...

omg, team boo! I totally thought that lion was smelling a crotch and I was all, "what kind of sick and perverted.." and then I saw the innocense of it all.

Bravo on conceiving! i am in lust with your blog and i am like a "mad man laughing at the reins" whenever I read!

keep doing what you do!!!


Carolyn said...


Cute story on how you were named...though had I gone the same route on naming my children, they might have been....."Freaking A" or "am i pooping?"

thankfully we already had names picked out ;)

I can't see the "crotchness" of the lion picture but I'm glad your eyes came around, for all intents and purposes my site should at least be PG-13ish.

Thanks for reading :)

logan said...

have that print in my room two, twinnie!

jasmine said...

wait a tick! YOU have a for like ever poster too???? is it over your bed? ours is over our bed. i love you.

jasmine said...

and oh my gosh - i am so thick. you're pregnant!!! you're having a new little boo!!!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! congratulations. not having the internet sucks. i miss out on everything.

Carolyn said...


I'm gonna give the wrist band a shot...i'm desperate. thanks for the tip!!!

cross your fingers :)

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