my sugar is so refined

last night I was so blue.

So i learned that spouting out a positive quote in a post is as good for lightening my mood as a one piece denim romper is to disguising pregnancy weight gain.
i scary.

To cheer me up 
my husband struck up a little game of 
"would you rather?" 
but not in a you-have-no-reason-to-complain kind of way 
(he knows that would earn him a karate chop to the neck)
but in a sweet distract-you-in-any-way-possible kind of way.

unfortunately, i wasn't quite ready for "perspective" 

but today I have decided it really IS an a endlessly entertaining game. 
(our favorite game in church as kids, besides MASH, duh)

but since this pregnancy has sucked my brain power dry.
i need your help to keep me in check.
so let's hear 'em!
(but keep it as void of food scenarios as possible for any thought could trigger a yak)
I'll kick it off with one of our favs...

Would you rather:
listen to Mambo #5 on repeat for a year straight 
have boobs for hands?
{no amputations allowed}

(FYI: Sheamus is so proud of this picture of himself.  My husband had this and a couple other graphic pics of my kids put on t-shirts for me last Christmas...such an awesome gift)


Broadobalds said...

Would you rather

1) Have your name be Chester T. Pervis


2) Not

Carolyn said...

i have no room to talk on the last name...DIKE

my husband once had a client named Dayton Raper.

Brooke said...

Would you rather...

1. Have a Magnetic Head


2. 5 Inch Long Nose Hair.

(NO plucking, cutting, waxing or shaving.)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

A magnetic head. You could keep things attached to it.

I once sold something to someone on eBay called 'Dusty Bush'. The bank account name was that too so I don't think it was a joke?!

I love this game!

(Listen to Mambo No 5 I think)


Carolyn said...

okay, how magnetic is my head? cause if its like refrigerator magnet strength i choose that, but if is crazy slam your face into your refrigerator strength i choose nose then i'd move to Vietnam where that kind of thing is cool.

ArizonaLewis said...

this game is the quickest way to my heart.
my turn:
(keep it clean, keep it clean)

Would you rather walk in on your parents or have your parents walk in on you?

Sara said...

Okay, it depends... how big are my boobs for hands? Respectable B-cup or impractical H-cup?

Erin said...

In response to ArizonaLewis:

I had a friend who walked in on her GRANDPARENTS. True story. Sad, disturbing story, but true story.

Carolyn said...

lets say a set of perfectly inconvenient Double Ds.

erin thats HORRIBLE.

Erin said...

Would you rather

have the largest feet ever


have the largest hands ever?

Carolyn said...

if by "rather" you mean "prepared" and by "ever" you mean "by my 9th month of pregnancy," it's too late....i'm screwed.

angie + matt said...

Have boobs for hands by far, I would cry if I had to listen to that song forever.

Carolyn said...

thats what i thought too! Adam thought it'd be mambo #5 no contest, but think of how frigging crazy you would be after a year....THINK about it folks. with boobie hands you could just get one of those cute hand warmer things, and then when someone makes you mad...WHACK! they get a boob backhand.

your welcome.

m. estelle said...

would you rather

get stuck in a cage with the ultimate fighting champion...of the universe...for five minutes?


make out with larry king for one hour?


Michelle said...

I think the Mambo #5 would tune out after awhile, and think, no thumb appendage with a boob hand. Thats mainly why I chose the music. I NEED to be able to type at my computer : )

Oh and congratulations on the pregnancy Carolyn!!!

Leigha said...

Would you rather have an afro made of belly button lint? (no shaving or wearing a wig!)


Have to wear granny panties over your clothes every day for a year?

Carolyn said...



I'd have to say the ultimate fighter and bank on him knocking me out in the first punch. In fact, I think I'd rather be with the fighter an hour over frenching larry king for 5 minutes...i just don't think i could force myself.


I first thought you meant having an afro spouting out of my belly button (so awesome). Either way I choose the panties, cause my kids would thing i was funny, and I have to treasure these few short years before they think I'm a total idiot.

Leigha said...

If an afro sprouted out of my belly button I would think it was a sure sign of eminent death. lol
I would make out with Larry King, I like older gentlemen. ;)

Laura said...

A few questions about the titty hands first - would there be milk in them? and would they be bigger than my actual boobs?

Laura said...

PS. A mouse in your bbq?! That's a rare find!

b. said...

your blog always makes me smile!!!

please come over to mine and tell me what you think of..... dog poop!

cheers! xo.

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