resurrecting Fun

Are you guys getting sick of me yet? Just kidding, I don't care. 
....just kidding i do care i was just saying that so you thought i was cool. just kidding i'm not cool I just have the AC on really high. just kidding its not high I just wanted you to feel sorry for me cause its really hot. just kidding its not hot, it's snowing. just kidding it's not snowing it feels like a oven here and i want to peel off my skin, just kidding i can't peel things cause i don't have any finger nails. just kidding i do and they're really strong cause i'm pregnant. just kidding i not, i just want to barf at any moment with nausea, just kidding i'm not nauseous i just ate a lot of nachos, just kidding i hate nachos and I really am pregnant, just kidding nachos are delicious but i think i'm losing my mind.
{if you're confused go here }
....ANYWAY, I think I'm gonna give my other blog another shot.  The less personal and hopefully slightly less offensive side of me. Basically a bunch of stuff that is pretty and/or awesome to me, that doesn't make the cut of my family blog.   Its possible that it is merely an impulsive product of my bedridden state {seeing as how i have a lot more down time these days} but we'll see where the wind blowwwws.... {i maybe already changed my mind}


Andrea and Blake said...

sounds like you're pregnant, that's awesome! hope you're feeling well - oh and if your not I guess I couldn't keep up with the post!

Leigha said...

Kristin Wig right? Not as good as Target lady, but still funny.. If I'm wrong, how embaressing when I could have followed the link and made sure. lol

Broadobalds said...

This was the best post of anything. Ever. I loved it so much.

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