dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap.

Since 100+ temps are just around the corner, I am gearing up for a basement makeover. That way my kids and i will have a place to play that doesn't look like toy purgatory. A place misguided and underutilized. My problem? I have no money. like NONE. I can work miracles with budget design, but unfortunately my house is the red headed step child of my life and is always second fiddle to my creative endeavors. 

So this is where i shamelessly beg for the help of my empathetic demographic (that's you): Mandi at vintage revivals is hosting an "epic makeover" to one lucky reader (me?) where she will personally come and help revamp a space that needs some serious direction (my basement!). Plus Mandi, if you're out there, kid spaces are so fun because anything goes since kids can't stop you aren't...picky (horse mobiles, the color orange, ridiculous murals, disco balls...circus freaks!?) the weirder the better.

So whether i am chosen or not, i will sell lemonade, donate plasma, tap dance on the street corner...whatever it takes to earn the cash to spruce it up a bit. It is our only survival plan for the summer months. I will chart my progress here, and then at the end we can have a big AZ-onian blog playdate at my house! Cause there "ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is MANDATORY" (i've had that stuck in my head for like three days now) 

here is my very sad before (p.s. we've lived here six years and it still looks like an taupe box where fun goes to die):

The sky is the limit! (actually $$ is the limit...but you know what i mean) I'll let you know when the voting starts...

team Boo 's you


yes i love technology, but not as much as you you see, but still i love technology

Holy smokes guys...this is me finally giving into the talking pig head that is my blog. Who knows, maybe you appreciated the break from my corny jokes...but still, it wasn't nice of me to peace out so long. 

But i can't come back with nothing to show for my hiatus. And what better re-entry into your lives than a dancing clone trooper?? (inspired by adams recent discovery of it's ability to gracefully point it's toes):

make a gif

Speaking of wasting time on my is the bonus part you are allowed to read only if you promise to do so alternating my imaginary voice with Gollum's voice while looking into a handheld mirror....

I've been torn. I've been thinking a lot about my life with (and without) the internet, and its role in my ADD (functional retardation?). I often feel it tricks me into making a thousand lists of images and articles that i can apply to my life, but then takes all my spare time to actually apply any of them. I am a terrible planner. TERRIBLE. Technology makes becoming a more focused person problematic as every idea can be explored the second it pops into my head. And for a creative person, well...that's like an informal sentence to looney bin. I suppose in the end it does more good inspiring me than it does fogging my mind, for it's truly a wealth of resource. I just need to dunk my head into a cold bucket of water and get ahold of my priorities. Then, and only then, will I be able to make dancing action figures without distraction. Baby steps to recovery. 

I am teamBoo...and i am a pretend project-aholic.

team Boo 's you


Stopping to smell the...spit up?

I'd like to say all this time I've been ignoring you is from all the really cool synchronized family dances we've been practicing that i would unveil in a classic footloose style video montage complete with overalls and school bleachers...but I never cease to disappoint my friends, and have merely been babysitting every kid within a five mile radius for the last two weeks ("if you've made Mac n cheese for the last 17 meals...they will come"). No good stories besides my recent stretch pants to jeans ratio. And since I hate forcing a story I will spare you my mysterious theories as to why, if i've only been feeding babies and making PB&Js, did I wake up this morning with sore muscles?? 

Soon my friends. Soon.


everything i need to know i learned from water babies...

It's been a little while since we've gone through teamBoo high/lows. So since we are SO interesting...lets recap the last month for us, shall we? 

-After weeks and countless hours of Helen Keller style training (where we put food in his hand, he avoids guided hand to his mouth like it is a steaming handful of poop) Sonny finally gave up the hungry baby bird act and put a piece of food in his own mouth!! = High Cockalorum!

-I thought i'd give my tailbone a break and buy an exercise ball for my long stints at my desk. But what is a giant rubber ball at a desk in the kitchen if not a giant wrecking object for my children to terrorize me with while i make food or try to clean in peace? Despite my constant threats of sitting sidesaddle on their backs (while the other fed me grapes?) if my ball chair wasn't there when i needed it, those little turds still managed to poke a hole in it and then nonchalantly place it back under my desk (tip of shoes tracing invisible circles on the ground "a hole you say?"). I half way read the directions of the inner tube repair kit (how hard can it be?) and my kids think they've dodged a bullet. Ten minutes later as i click away on my keyboard...BOOM! The ball explodes. And i am on my back on the cold tile faster than you can say "Child Protective Services". But how could i do anything but laugh? That's funny. Pathetic...but funny. I predict that story will go down in the books without the pre-hole disclaimer, but rather simply as "that time when mom was such a fat idiot that she sat on the seemingly indestructible exercise ball and completely smashed it to smitherines" = High, cause it's funny. Low cause i'm back to sitting on a hard chair :/

-Sheamus learned how to ride a two wheeler. But only after he and i got tangled up after a rogue wheel overcorrection and both came crashing spastically to the pavement (right in front of the only house on our street that has video surveillance cameras mind you)

-Sheamus swinging open the giant handicap accessible door that faces the dressing room entrance at Target while i am completely topless. yowza.

-a drizzly and saturday brunch where we ate bacon, listened to the sound of rain through the screen door, a little Billie Holiday on pandora and nobody tried to sabotage my fantasy by leaving the breakfast table so many times that i "jokingly" secured her in her seat with a tie chairNobody :) (A perfect sendoff to the nice AZ weather before it melts our faces.)

Hooray for kids that make life so entertaining...and a mother who has no shame! (since i am usually the butt of the joke ;) 

"Hey hey hey, we're on our way...."

team Boo 's you


april FOOL

Elyott came up with the brilliant idea to throw an April fools day party. 
Her idea was Wednesday. 
The party was to be Friday :/

last minute supplies:

1. silly props
2. fake sushi
3. poop dessert

2 days, 10 kids, negative $ budget to spend coupled with her worthless attention span (which she gets from her mother) equals the joke was actually on me. There i was, all day before the party started hanging streamers, piping out fake piles of poop (brownies) and stuffing balloons with confetti all for a bunch of crazy kids who think parties grow on trees. TREES!! 

They ate pizza, they karate kicked each other on the trampoline, they told Jokes, they watched Yogi Bear. It turned out to be fun (ish). But that depends on who you ask. The kids with bellies full of fake food, or the mom who is one impromptu idea by Elyott away from banning children from my house forever! April Fools indeed sucker (me).

Thanks Elyott for being so enthusiastic, even if you suck at follow through, and thank you pregnant sister for helping me pull it off :)

team Boo 's you


dirty little secret

You know all those posts going around where people post the quirky contents of their purse...They'll have a pack of life savers, some cherry lip balm, a cell phone and something super random but still cute like a plastic farm animal, all displayed neatly on a vintage piece of fabric? Well last night i realized my (very small) purse was looking more like a rodent's nest than a place i put my keys and wallet and an occasional spare diaper. This is what mine looked like last night freshly dumped....

I'm like a trash Macgyver! Only...i don't know how to make anything useful out of paper except those four square origami things (that look like beaks) that entertain kids during church. And i don't have my own hit television series, or an awesome fishing vest...or a mullet. Also i don't know how to diffuse bombs. Maybe i'm nothing like Macgyver, just a trash toting slob (opposite of Macgyver?)

What does your purse say about you? Mine says i could probably take back every item i've purchased within the last six months with ease...and I live like a hobo.

team Boo 's you
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