a very dikefest christmas...

Making Christmas eve wishes...
Sheamus told me "mom, all i want for christmas, is you"
what a sweet kid.
...or maybe he just knows how to manipulate the crap out of me.
This christmas I wish for at least one kid that doesn't regularly throw up at the dinner table. Christmas eve was Sheamus's turn...
nestled children....
Surprise!...Santa installed a swing in our front room...
bad idea Santa.
but at least he also brought this spazzy kid a helmet...
Hope your Christmas was a blast :)
team boo 's you


forever young...

Here is our annual year end video.
If you are a Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle to TeamBoo, it is a spoiler of your envelope to come.
If not, please enjoy some of our fondest memories of 2009....
by team boo.
{to see last years click here}
team boo 's you


Merry Christmas!!!!

we attended an ugly sweater party.
we won.

team boo 's you


more than a food baby.

27 weeks..................................31 weeks
Sheamus: "Mom are you have three babies??" (taking into account my 2 "ball tummies")
Me: "Nope, just one little baby boy :)"
Sheamus: "Well mom....It looks like you are turning into Santa Clause"
sweet. Here's to being jolly and jiggly (but with slightly less facial hair).
Ho Ho HO.
team boo 's you


never mind the metal chairs...

Here is my latest form of life sucking force:
Christmas party #2
(the first for 30 guests, the second for about 250)
but good contractions!!

I really think a lot more could have been done for bigger impact, but I had a Metric concert to catch, and that stuck a middle finger to any further embellishments.
(Bethlehem had snow and enormous orange basketball

In the end, I showered, rubberbanded the fly of my blue skinny jeans and stuffed my face with ham before a night with Emily Haines and some mild heart burn.
And at this point in pregnancy, you can't really ask for much more than that.
It's all down hill from here donkeys!!!

team boo 's you


If you say the word "believe" more than 4 times it starts to sound like jibberish.

Sweet Taylor invited me to share a few random things in her "i believe" christmas project.  So it no particular order, here are a few things that came to mind:
I believe in God
I believe that my boobs will need a surgical lift after this baby is born
I believe that most people need to "unclench"
I believe kittens should stay kittens forever
I believe in being honest in all your doings...including being true to yourself.
I believe its okay to eat chocolate every day
I believe no matter what happens, you can do it!
I believe Clay Aiken makes me feel frightened and cold.
I believe there's no such thing as a bad kid...just ones that need more love and listening to
I believe that Oprah is a lifestyle Macgyver.
I believe my day isn't done until i've gotten my hands dirty
I believe its never too late to come to your senses
I believe that the color maroon should not exist
I believe in eternal families
I believe in making love...not beeeeeeds!
I hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas season! what do you believe?
team boo 's you

Love me still.

Since i have been SO terrible about posting lately
I thought the least i could do was post a peecture.
These are my brothers and sisters...
Aren't we cute?? (also a little vampire-y)
(if you look closely you will notice my tummy is catching up with my chest...but just barely ;)
I have so many Chirstmas projects I have been working on
Parties (yes more parties while pregnant...i can't stay away.  One down one to go)
...homemade wreaths, woodsy chandeliers, yarn ornaments, fireplaces, mangers, snowy stick trees and more!
stay tuned...
I will type more when my hands heal after working with pine cones
(p.s. they are frigging sharp)
and, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!
team boo 's you


G is for grandparents.... whom this post is dedicated.

its just a bunch of family yaddie yaddie yadda
But, its what gives the grandma's and grandpa's battery power.

It was SOOO nice to visit the cabin!
In true Sheamus fashion, when daddy told Sheamus to go pee right after we arrived...
he stepped one foot out the door and peed on the deck.
And it was already cold enough that
it was still slightly frozen when we woke up in the morning ;)

{G is also for groundhogs day, cause i'm pretty sure i've told this nerdy story before}

Thanks Jeanine and Spencer for creating such an awesome place for the family to get away :)
we miss you!!
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