So tired....tired of waiting.

It's hard being super....just take it from this kid. 
No, I am not dead... but i'm also not super. ....therefore, by about 11:00 in the morning, this is how i feel.
Since my "resurrection" or "exorcism" (whichever way you wanna slice it) I have been tending to the (literal) piles around me, the lists, and dangerously backordered attention giving.  I thank you all for not un-following me, as it hurts my blogging soul when i take a break and peeps bail. I have been enjoying the non-computer brain stimulus. 
**Also, forgive me for my total pump fake last week when i posted the Steoffrey/Mangie photo shoot pics. They were burning a hole in my draft box and I just had to share...but then I TRICKED YA cause I'm still on a blogging staycay. That is when I don't post, but I am never too far from my laptop cause...come on. 
I promise, i will be back soooooon.


good old fashioned lover boy

Remember Stacie and Geoff?? (aka "Steoffrey ")

well....just when you thought they couldn't be any is another reason to envy their love .  They drew us in with their yellow balloons and wedding headbands and now vow to keep us enchanted by their suspenders and innocent vintage picnic togetherness! It is no secret that I am in love with loving the love of these two...lovers. Or that my mind is (clearly) running on mere fumes every time I sit down to blog, and that the fusion of those two ingredients (not to mention my savage jealousy of all things un-pregnant) makes my brain feel swollen and tired.

Of course neither photo op would have been half as amazing if it weren't for Matt and Angie Sloan, the visionaries that make up Sloan photography (aka "Mangie") whose behind the scenes adorableness is enough to make me want to kick puppies.  And their talent....oh the TALENT!!  Hey Mangie...if you ever have any artistic vision for an out-of-breath-resentful-chubby-girl-in-maternity-pants photo shoot, you know where to find me ;) Or if you just have some advice on how to convince my husband to dress in something other than basketball clothes for the sake of a old world lovers photo shoot, that would work too. Here are a couple gems of inspiration to get to get your ball rolling...
you're welcome.

And Steoffrey...if you ever want to like...hang out, or even just let me sit on your couch while I watch you giggle and make frozen pizzas together...Mangie knows where to find me.


Love, Paper Style... very first guest Blogger!
Meet Renee from Mommy BlogYay 
Here are some reasons why I am honored to post her words here...
-she is hilare.
-her daughter is named Lennon (after a Beatle)
-is known to express herself via barbie dolls and stick people (don't be scared...or do)
-she makes the title "mommy blogger" way more awesome.
-How totally sick are we all of seeing my nerdy glamour shot when my page loads??
...before all this text scares you off, stop acting like you have better things to do
(as my 3 year old would tell me..."FOCUS")
and meet the awesome Renee....
I'm standing in for Team Boo today while our favorite blogger (I'm talking about Carolyn.  Keep up, people) takes a blogging vacation.  It's possible she thought that there only so many ways to keep readers interested in, "I'm stuck in bed, building a baby."  So, let's all laugh at her, because c'mon now.  There are at least seventeen more ways to say that before you have to resort to asking Renee from MommyBlogYay to creep out from the dark, lonely shadows of the far corners of the internet, and come over and muck up your beautiful blog.  Oh also, Hi, I'm Renee, and I have a blog that I muck up pretty regularly at MommyBlogYay, and you should go there (Shamelessness, ACTIVATE!) because... it's a blog? And you're maybe stuck in bed, building a baby?  I really can't think of any other reason.
Have you guys seen Paper Heart yet?  I should disclose that Team Boo does not necessarily endorse my endorsement, but she might.  And if she doesn't, that makes her really dumb.  (I can say that, because she's not here, right?)  If you've seen it, you know that Charlene Yi does a few "home movies" that tell the stories of how some couples knew they were in love, and I was inspired to make one of my own.  Enjoy:
 Love, Bob Dylan Style from MommyBlogYay on Vimeo.
Yes, that was the best I could do, despite a minor in Media Arts, and yes that story is 100% true and 100% as nerdy and awkward as it sounds.  All That You Thought You Knew about me (which probably wasn't much, was it?) has been shattered, hasn't it? Broken into a million pieces and then trampled by a giant buffalo (whose presence, I have to say, HAUNTS me... what does that even MEAN, Carolyn?)
It's videos like this that explain why Carolyn gets nominated for blogging awards, and why I am going to slink back to MommyBlogYay and subject my readers to the outtakes.  Amor Fatis, said Nietzche.  
(Also, if you have not yet made paper dolls of you and your significant other, I suggest you get right on that.  Like yesterday.)
Thanks Renee!
{FYI: you killed that Charlene Yi impression}


my wig bangs are for balance.

so here i am
 in all of my soft focus glory.
(my husband's finger always gravitates over the flash...
editing in exposure helps me be more dreamy....and visible)
I'm almost 4 months along, going on 7.
some things you can't tell from this picture are:
how my boobs are actually still quite bigger than my belly
my kids are running around like rabies infested dogs
my house is a total disaster
I am uncharacteristically ready for a date night a half hour early 
...trying to catch a moments peace in our "worthless room" 
{every house has one}
Nothing was gonna get in the way of this pregnant girl's night of tacos and creme brulee.
And now friends, I am signing off for a bit. 
Taking a little computer break to catch up on the things I've been missing out on in real life.
like talking to friends in-person, riding bikes with my loves....and having a fridge that doesn't smell like death.
Go enjoy your families!!
{sing some songs together...}
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