say yes to sharing....and Turkey

Instead of Turkey and pie, Adam wants Ham and cookies. 
what a fool.
I love Turkey, I don't care who's eating it...i'm eating it right now.

{click here for more obnoxious turkey fun}

team boo 's you


thank you...have a nice day

In honor of Thanksgiving, I forced my family to make a thankfulness chain.
I worried they might think it was super lame, but we actually had a lot of fun thinking of all sorts of little things we overlook on a daily basis...

Elyott: school, love, grandma and grandpas, colors, cousin Scott
Momma: Tina Fey, music, my home, toilets, humor, turd ice
Sheamus: Andy pants, Travis, eyeballs, wolverine costumes, bottles (??)
Daddy: baby "Uzi", Sports, his bed, technology, nachos

...and it goes without saying, all the real obvious ones like family, a loving Heavenly father and just being alive!! ;)

(Also, i will be thankful if Sheamus gets a hearty meal come Thursday...gawl)

Hope your Thanksgiving is bright!

team boo 's you


come in....

here's to living winter vicariously through photos
(the sheep?? was white)

“If you are a dreamer, come in…

…if you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!”

     — shel silverstein


don't be fooled....

...I no longer look like this.

it was a good 4 weeks ago.

I haven't gotten to taking another side shot, but from based on my (very tactful) neighbor's jaw drop when i told her I wasn't due until Feb....I'm guessing I am popping out quite a bit more.

For all of you who can't wait until February, here is a creepy baby morph that i did online (which is better than the one we did seven years ago in Vegas, where our daughter looked like a 10 year old neanderthal)...


and for the sake of my half latina baby dream I'll set aside my exasperation with J.LO
("but she knows what she did"*) and bring you this next combo......
(*make any career moves outside of her Selena role.)


(then her little half J.LO soul would be partially addicted to one piece denim rompers
or playing the "Bronx" card...and that might put me over the edge.)

Have a fabulous weekend my friends...

team boo 's you


more mexican memories...

Adam bought this shirt for halloween last year....when I told him i hated it, he cut off the sleeves and started wearing it as an even sicker beach shirt.
What we learned in Mexico...
1. don't let your kids do flour relay races when they have braids in their hair (water plus four equals glue in your scalp)
2. try not to get hurt in mexico or you will end up in an doctors home office with a mystery shot in your arm and your genitals feeling like they're on fire.
3. pregnancy skin sensitivity will still allow blotchy sun damage through 50 spf on my forehead. 
4. there is nothing that will stop the scrappy mexican birds from shanking food practically right out of your mouth.
5. there is endless privacy for Matthew McConaughey style "beach time"
6. Sheamus has the most awesome perma mad scientist beach hair ever.
7. there is no better way to ensure quality family time than on a remote resort on a stretch of mexican coast....ARRIBA!!
team boo 's you


whip it good.

Every year i get so jazzed for Halloween
and every year I am so frigging sick of it by late October.
Mostly because my house is cluttered and dark with moss and skulls.
...Or is it my kids 47 costume changes?

I fully intended to put together a Bearded Lady gettup.
Or (in me and an my friend Summer's fantasy) members of a roller derby team
But after the Halloween party burnout
I was a little depleted,
and just lucky to not smell like a burlap sack.

{*side note: how awesome was the movie Whip IT ?
how much did it wish you were really really good at roller skating?
and do it while wearing fishnets and red lipstick?
and a reason to have neon streaks in your hair and an alter ego??
For this might be my undiscovered talent...
in that it'd justify my tendency to fall like 900 times while i play sports,
....and also I could elbow people in the face.
oooh and Kristin Wigg and i could finally be BFF's.
And isn't it relieving to see Juliette Lewis pick a movie role around her regular one piece jumpsuit wardrobe and akwardly awesome personality?
Maybe people could call me "Thunderstruck"...
oooh or "Team Bruise"
plus look how much fun they're having...

Wait, what were we talking about?? 
OH yes....Halloween was fun. Though I didn't dress up, my sweet kids did.
see how cute they are...

team boo 's you


How to launch yourself into pre term labor...

1. Agree to head up decorations for a church party
2. Hold said party in an enormous basketball court on a $250 dollar decor budget...(thank you appliance store dumpster) using cardboard, paint and tree branches (without putting ANY new holes in the wall)
3. Decorate party for two days straight

4. All the while bending to paint and jumping up and down a stage 67 times
5. Drink only Pepsi Max for both those days
and VOILA! will find yourself in the hospital triage in no time.

So even though the party was a total success,
as was my body's ability to not dilate through two days of premature contractions, basically I learned
pregnant chicks need to have more helpers and drink more water when throwing a party.

All is well.
(Though I might be swearing off soda for the remainder of my pregnancy)

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