jemma is ONE-ish

Last weekend the sisters/family constructed yet another last minute party. Pulled together in less than 24 hours from start to finish.(minus the adorable invitation above) This one was for the sweet and daring Jemma who turned one years old, ehgm....2 months ago
Anyway, I left in the morning run party errands with bed head, no makeup, running shorts and an ACDC shirt i'd been wearing for at least 48 hours.

repeat in mirror: "Shower before party...shower before party"

...because without fail, this is what I will end up wearing for the party!
So, when my sister began snapping pictures of me once it had started (after she was given time to go freshen up while I deep fried corndogs) my tallest finger couldn't help but stand up. "Carolyn!" she'd say "...just smile like Lisa!" which Lisa replied "Oh I'd be flipping you off too if I weren't tying ribbons around your hotdogs." (and sadly we were...well, parchment paper and bakers twine...whatever, it made sense at the time) That pretty much summed it up right there.

When all was said and done, it was the most fun one year old birthday party I've ever been to :) we sure love you Jem!

The above invite created by the always fantastic and creative Stephanie Kubal
She never ceases to amaze...she has SO much talent! {sayRED creative...where your customized artwork dreams come true!}

*fun fact...In my mad birthday rush (and sporting my au natural beauty) i ran into none other than my favorite couple on the planet! OF COURSE THEN. If I weren't in such a hurry I'd have taken a picture to document the magical moment....but then I'd have had to flip myself off :( you understand. Stacey + Geoff 4 eva.

team boo ♥'s you
(and Jemma)
(and sayRED)
(and Steoffery)



For mother's day my kids went with Adam to pick out some sweet little things of their choice.
One trip to Walmart later, and my jewelry collection was $23 dollars improved.
A pearl "wedding ring" that my kids were so relieved to see on my usual bare hand
( original fell in the ocean only one month after purchase. wah wahhhh)
Some colorful earring studs...Elyott liked the star ones with diamonds inside, sure to make the scuzziest of mothers feel her fanciest
And finally a silver heart locket set engraved with "mom" (think sailor tattoo)
As we stepped out for church, i donned a little of everything, sure to impress, and asked Elyott and Sheamus in the hoitee toiteest voice i could do...

"How do I looook?!"

Elyott looked over at me straight faced, and very patronized, and said:

"Mom. you don't have to say it like that."

...and just like that I graduated from a mom to a MOOOOM.

team boo 's you



I am pretty sure 5 is the very max for a traditional photo booth
[but thats only if you've got mad skillz, which we don't]
we haven't technically done a photo booth pic for 2010
so this will have to do.
unless our family grows some more...
in which case I will just have to grow a longer arm :)

team boo 's you

*p.s. has it really been 12 days since i posted last!? sheesh guys, time flies when your playing angry birds obsessively on your phone....sorry charlies.


baby torture?

When a defenseless baby has on a red striped shirt and cutoff sweatpants...honestly, how can anyone resist a pirate photo shoot.

what a good sport.

(though not so much when I suction the snot from his nose at 5 am :)

team boo 's you


picture this.

I thought for mothers day, the sisters could pool our offspring together for a cousins picture to give to the grandmas. With several identical experiences under my belt, i've decided from now on, it should be mandatory to also have someone to stand by and film a panoramic view all photo sessions, as they are so ridiculous it's retarded. 

Funny yes, but mostly stressful and frustrating for the parent.
What must our kids be thinking??
Its possible they are feeling a little scared...defiant....but probably mostly embarrased for us as we stand behind the camera clapping, jumping, yelling, indian chanting, rap video dancing. Any regard to our surroundings dissipate as we stoop lower and lower in an effort to get all the children looking in the same direction at the same time.
It is always clear who is really running the show, and it is never the crazy lady with no makeup, spitting her tongue and repetitively whooping names and noises all in the name of....memories(?)

Yet, all we ever have to show for what felt like a mini nervous breakdown, is a nanosecond in time where the stars aligned, and the kids seem to appear to be sweethearts ;)

basically kids are turds. and we are the crazy people who love and look after them unconditionaly.

kids 1, parents 0

team boo 's you
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