25 random things i may, or may not be, ashamed of:

1. I have been bitten 4 dogs.  And i am now officially afraid of most of them (and also still of the dark)

2. I have really ugly feet

3. I peed my pants pretty consistently from laughing until about age 20.

4. I collect robots

5. I hate mayonaise on ANYTHING, except for brocolli and artichokes (i've only recently found out this isn't normal?)

6. I hate my name...and unless i were a 60 year librarian from Montana or....a Retired Title Agent from Orlando or maybe a Black Jack dealer in Atlantic city or...{actually, that's all i got} I probably always will.

7. Once, while training for a race, i ate an entire Ben and Jerry's smores pint every night 5 nights in a row (to spare you the math, that is more than 6000 calories)

8. To me a ripped magazine is as good as trash, as is the idiot who ripped it.

9. When someone ends a sentence or question with "at" i want to smack their mouth.

10. I am usually late.

11. I know all of the words to Cinderella, TLC's "Waterfalls" (including the "break it down") and most Reba McEntire songs.

12.  I have the WORST geographical knowledge, but a good sense of direction (hmm??)

13. I don't wear a wedding ring. (my first one broke, my second one fell in the ocean)

14. My boobs were once naturally a size 34"H" (a.k.a. frigging ridiculous)

15. I am half British, and (on an unrelated note) hate Australian accents

16. I love playing games (and accidentally hum songs through most of them)

17. I don't follow American Idol and i could never stand watching David Archuletta perform (gasp.....yes she did!)

18. Gave birth to both my babies inescapably without pain killers.

19. I use a fork to eat ice cream

20. I secretly pray for my life to be spared every time i take of in an airplane.

21. I have freckles from head to toe.

22. I love pulling weeds.

23. Eat all cereal and cookies with water.

24. My nostrils are about the same size as a newborn baby

25. I commonly mix dreams with reality(my husband loves this) for instance for years i believed that my grandma's dog could really smile on command, or yesterday that Adam mentioned he'd like to re-do the colors in our bedroom so it would "look less like a living room"

*and why, you ask, would anyone care about such useless information?'ll have to ask Facebook.

i'm dreaming of a fresh kitchen...

i need a change.

Specifically, in the form of white paint and splashes of color. I am looking for just about anything that will place me in my kitchen preparing delicious food, and chatting with my sweet kids. 

And maybe, just maybe, if my kitchen is pretty enough...people won't notice just how scummy i look. 

here's to wishful thinking ;)


jungle fever.

Sheamus: "mom, did you get married in the Jungle?"
Me: "do you mean a temple? we got married in the temple..."
Sheamus: "No, the JUN-GLE....When i get married, i'm gonna marry a RACE the jungle."
...just in case you don't know Sheamus personally, he rocks. 
see. *This same weekend Elyott asked me how old I was when i got married.  I told her 19. {Which is true, but silly, i mean reeeally guys} When she heard this she exclaimed "WOW, thats a little number to get married!!" So wise that girl. least i didn't marry a race car. {har!! see what i did there??...oh shut up.}


help i'm alive.

Save it for my unbridled 5th grade love of country music (weird), I've never particularly been the cheesy groupie, if not obsessed, type of music lover. But you could say my soul is hopelessly addicted to this band. Yet thankfully, unlike other addictions, this one won't make my thighs grow or my arms turn all scabby. My husband will be glad to have some new 'Emily' (remember we're tight) played as background music on terminal repeat, and heck...maybe even my motivation to clean my house will return with the dawn of new inspiring music??!, probably not...but i'll probably be a lot more artistically content in my mess of a house ;) Go to for a limited time free download of the acoustic version of their new single 'HELP I'M ALIVE'. I love it! And life! and all of YOU!! and Chicken Tacos!!! oooh, and funnel cakes!!!! (apparently i am starving)



Like any kindergardener, Elyott has coveted every lost tooth she has ever witnessed, and fondly wished for her own {see above}.  The magical day came!...then ended with one crisp dollar bill that she proudly displayed before my delirious eyes at 4:00 in the morning...
...cause things like that can't wait, you know.
Congratulations my dear :)



love is.


be mine.

(*a hint) for a happy wife...

x o x o


best of both worlds...

Raise your hand if you maybe feel like an idiot shopping with all the high school kids.  

I'm not usually one to online shop for clothing, but i like this UK based site since it shows you lots of pictures with close ups and how they fit and move on a runway.  Not quite as cheap as Forever 21 but it does shelter your pride when your thighs aren't the size of a 12 year old asian.
a few that caught my eye...

click here to see more.


a moment of silence...

...for my favorite decor mag has been eaten alive by this wretched economy...Domino is no more! {say it isn't so? is}.

Just when I thought we were winning the war against maroon walls in kitchens...first Blueprint, now this?? Can nothing be done to stop the surge of wrought iron decor?!?! If the universe and pretty houses were in a fight, those houses would be messed. Anyway, it's stupid. Farewell, my love...

Surely a little thursday night Tina Fey can lift my spirits...
**also forgive me if your kitchen is maroon or if you love wrought iron (or both! eek) each his own ;)


super six...

 birthday cake....$25
fabric for 28 felt capes...$12
being showered and not feeling like I got shot out of a cannon......priceless.
[Bounce-U can suck it.]

the birthday girl....

the super-heroes..
the good time...

happy birthday party!


future so bright...

Six years ago at 1:07am she came, my best most beautiful girl {and also most shrill squealing baby bird}.  I can't imagine a time that i didn't have this amazing little person in my world with her heart of gold.  There is something to be said about the first born of a family, and much more to be said about my Elyott.  She is such a shining star! I tell her always, and it is absolute, that i am the luckiest 'baby momma' on the planet.

Love love love to my best girl on her special day!  

perhaps a fast forward??....

...just not too fast ;)

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