potato po-tah-to

Kids can be so lame in the summer.
Constant video and computer games!
"Potato Heads" is what we call it around here...

When left too long unattended, body snatchers invade their human forms.

During the school season our rule is that they can't play them until after the sun goes down (and homework is done). But during an AZ summer even we (the parents) know that rule is horse crap. The sun isn't down until 8, and it is down right torture to be outside between 12 and 2. This week we started "media bucks" (which i think is a really dumb name but it works for now). Since my kids aren't very good at visualizing the goals and value of saving their allowance through chores, they lose motivation to get them done. Now they can now also get an instantly useable media time voucher. Hooray! (Reading can also earn these said vouchers) It gives them daily purpose. And since the "bucks" are always burning holes in their pockets they are constantly aware of new things that can be done around the house to earn more. Less chores for me!

Yesterday morning instead of waking up to cartoon watching (which I'm fine with and is "free" until 10ish) I woke up to Elyott and Sheamus quietly reading. yes READING! Like little angels! Little ulterior motivated angels...but angels nonetheless. 
Here is the PDF i made just in case your electronic addicted zombies children are making you bonkers too.

ten minutes pdf
five minutes pdf
blank minutes pdf

team Boo 's you

you are aqui


Its everywhere and nowhere you want to be.

team Boo 's you


first and last

May 2012
Aug 2011
Now that school is over we are all a little older and wiser. Some of us are taller. We've added scars and medications. Made new friends and said goodbye to others. Changed hairstyles and shoe sizes... 

But most importantly....Elyott can babysit (kinda)!! Only for short little spurts so Adam and I can do lame things like go to wal-mart together. But still, it is so awesome I could kiss every Walmart employee on the mouth. I won't. 
I could. But I really shouldn't.
Jazz hands.

team Boo 's you


fool for boos

For mother's day while Sheamus and Adam went camping, Elyott Sonny and I  had a "night to ourselves." With no boys around (to tell us we were annoying) Elyott requested we speak in proper British accents...for a full 24 hours :) In the morning Elyott's church activity group had a momy daughter "tea party" and muffin breakfast where Elyott did my fancy makeup and hair (and got creative with my awkward long bangs). After, we hit up IKEA very rouged and glamorous. I was the attention seeking idiot who, in addition to my tammy faye makeup, also shoved a large rug, shelving unit, two kids and a already assembled desk hanging out the trunk of my very small vehicle. 

Adam wasn't there to naysay, so I could :) Booyah.

In his Kindergarden class, Sheamus gave me a "5 minutes of 'Me-time" bath salts, which he immediately confiscated and used for his own bath that night. What a little jerk. 

At least he smells good.

Speaking of mothers, while staying at my house a few weekends ago, my mom was standing at the foot of my bed with this mask and wig when i woke up. I basically lost 3 years of my life in one desperate moment of terror.

Here's to keeping motherhood light.

team Boo 's you
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