I want my two dollars

While Disneyland upholds it's title as the happiest place on earth...Legoland may seriously be the lamest place on earth. You know it's bad when your 4 year old is excited to go to the car after one hour.
(Although Sheamus is kind of a hermit. All he wanted to do half way through Disneyland even was "go back to the 'bedroom' because isn't it bedtime?" sweetie it's only 4 o'clock ;)
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happy trails.

{This is us passing what was quite possibly the stinkiest highway on the planet}
Some things we've discovered on our trip: -Adam and I have super opposite tastes in music. Well actually we already knew this quite well. But for reconfirmation, I listened to his euro top 40 from 2007 about 27 times before I played one run through of Vampire weekend. Our conversaysh went something like this: (Adam) "are we almost done listening to the crappiest music of all time" ...(me) "yes we finished about 45 minutes ago"...(Adam) "no this. it's like that lame song Chevy Chase dances to" ...He meant Paul Simon. I meant to slap him in the mouth. He's lucky he was driving. -we are the SLOWEST travelers. We can take any 12 hour car ride and turn it into an 18 hour car ride. I mostly blame Adam as he takes twice as long as any woman to leave anywhere. In his defense, im pretty sure he just started his period. It works for us though, we are chillaxers by nature, so we still manage to love eachother the whole way. -my kids lose respect for me once the engine is on. Once when they were messing around and kicking the radio controls in the back. After 17 warnings to shut their faces, I reach to smack at their feet. They start hysterically laughing at me, and I can't help but laugh at my spazzy Joan Crawford moment. -Adam likes to rub it in when he poops 14+ inch dukes, even after I haven't gone in like 4 days. I tell him that's a cruel and equally weird thing to brag about. He stands by his accomplishment. -my kids are definitely retarded at plugging their noses (see above) -road trips turn us all into filthy animals We are on the road yet again (Disneyland here we come) the baby is screaming and we are pulling over for the bajillionth time for me to nurse him... ...we are in road trip heaven :) happy trails friends.
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June in Arizona can suck it.

We are taking a litte AZ hiatus. Not even a week in to our vacay, and not a dull moment. Hopefully I can capture some of it for a summer video?? Im already kicking myself for the things i havent filmed (ryder being carried away on a stretcher, our cabins flooding in yosemite...I think it's because I resent my janky camera. eheghm, Adam) Stay tuned....

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