halloween "high"

This week I worked on a "Clue" themed Halloween party, made to accommodate about 300 people on a $400 decorating budget. It was a challenge...but we pulled it off! I am basically a cardboard profesh now, as i can whip out a mystery themed mural like it's going out of style (if it ever were in style to make mansions out of cardboard??) 

I'd like to give a special thanks to Chipotle for always being there when my blood sugar got low, and to my unmatched husband for taking care of my motherless children all week. And, of course, to the checkout associate at Home Depot for agreeing to sell me more gold spray paint even though I had it suspiciously all over the underside of my nose. oopsie :)

Stay tuned for the party pics, but first the mood board:

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this is so nerdy I just can't resist...

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Happy halloween :)
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Whistle while you work.

This week has been filled with lots of painting, cardboard, fanny pack wearing and other Halloween party madness. And you know when I'm wearing a fanny pack I mean business. But I'm done!! We have so much to catch up on, you and I ;)


breakfast of champions.

...all mornings should begin in dress up.

Last night's conversaysh with my boy:

me: "Hey you sweet boy, you smell like....a hotdog!!"
Sheamus: "no silly, Daddy is just cooking a hotdog!"
me: "oh duh, i guess you're right ;)"
Sheamus: "mom, wanna know what your smell like?" then coyly whispers in my ear ..."beautiful"

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suck-tober fest

{via veer}

one of my favorite Halloween images
and coincidentally also how i feel today ;)
I hate structure and deadlines.
why does responsibility turn me into such a jerk?

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whatta man.

Last week my man and i had our 8th anniversary...and much like Mary Catherine Gallagher, I feel my thoughts for my Handsome Bob can be best expressed through the classy lyrics of a song (by some of my junior high favorites Salt n' Peppa teamed up with the timeless vocal divas formerly known as En Vogue...this may only make sense to you if you were paying attention in the 90's).

So to quote some lines that come to mind (and are clean enough for this blog) "I'd like to take a minute or two and give much respect due to the man that's made a difference in my world...

a. my man says he loves me (never says he loves me not).

b. he spends quality time with his kids when he can. secure in his manhood because he's a real man.

c. not a fake wannabe trying to be a pimp.

d. he's a God sent original, man of my dreams.

e. it is me that he's choosin'. with him Im never loosin'. and he knows that my name is not Susan (although my middle name sorta is).

f. anytime i need him he's always got my back...never disrespectful ('cause his momma taught him that).
I gotta good man.

...So here's to the future cause we got through the past
and i finally found someone who can make me laugh
(ha ha ha ha ha)
you so craaazy...
I think i wanna have yo baby." 
(...or three of them. is there and higher/classier compliment than that?)


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(my hands down favorite line is "e" reminds me of my terrible poems from third grade)

poster of a girl.

I'm a wife.
I'm a mother.
I eat cereal with water.
I'm an athlete.
My favorite color is shiny. 
I'm a lover.
I'm a sarcastic fool. 
I'm a Mormon.

I have been told more than once "I like that you aren't a typical Mormon." While I know this is intended as a compliment, I can't help but stop and wonder: "What is a typical mormon?"...are they not funny? are they all born in Sandy, Utah? do they wear nerdier pants? do they all have glazed over toothy grins? do they all can peaches and aspire to own 13 passenger vans? Have i been a sucky example on this blog?

Just for the record: i am totally guilty of poking fun at "mormony" things: like turkey butt hairstyles, bedazzled clothing, scrapbook-like home decor, use of the word "fun" as a response, and curled "r" sounds ("crick" instead of "creek"). The truth is, there are so many "kinds" of LDS people from different cultures and all walks of life. I just say those things cause i live on the west coast and the only way to survive the Arizona/Idaho/Utah bubble is to make fun of the bubble. And when you are a part of the bubble you are allowed to do that ;) pop pop!

Throughout my "ask boo" series i have been asked a wide range of questions to do with my often vaguely expressed LDS faith. Oh the curiosity! The short answer: though I am not trying to hide anything, I have no interest in being a poster child for the array of expectations of what a Mormon might or "should" be (believe me, there are much more qualified examples out there). So I vacillate on how to share this subject, as i don't want to isolate those here who may not share my exact beliefs. 

What I AM here to do is invite you into my life and my love and grattitude for it, all while being true to myself and always striving to align with my values. I will say that my faith completely enriches my life and reminds me of my greater purpose. It gives meaning to my trials, relief from my heartache, and strength against temptation (in fact, i highly recommend it. wink wink.) I have oodles of imperfections, things i struggle to master, and mountains of goals of how to reflect and improve upon myself daily. That being said, I don't pretend to be anything else but what i am TODAY. 

However, in this blog I like to believe that we are all here as individuals with a common goal: and that is to nurture this life that we have been given. Each day I have an opportunity to love, to learn, and to grow. This blog helps me track those feelings. So for me it is less about the label or stereotype of what religion i am (for our differences are what make people so fantastic!) but more about sharing the raw delights and struggles of being human! And that is something we can all relate to.

I am proud to be a Mormon. But even more, I am honored to be a child of God, just like you :)

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("LDS" is a shorter way of saying someone who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, often referred to as "Mormons" you know :)

 can i get an A-MEN! 
(...too much? I know shut up!)


vacation lobotomy.

In theory, I am organized.
On paper, I am responsible.
In my head, I am efficient.
In my dreams, I am a rock star in sequin leggings.

But here i am, so discombobulated it's ridiculous.

In Mexico...we ate nachos until we started to sweat liquid cheese. We bronzed our bodies (only I freckled mine even despite my OCD like sunscreen reapplication) i watched a pack of dogs invade the beach mere minutes after i left it = severe panic attack avoided (friggin' mexico) We floated down lazy rivers and slid down water slides, and only once did a kid tell me (as my inner tube began to capsize under my nacho engorged body) "lady, you're so big for this." We had fun making family MEMORIES for heavens sakes!! 

And now i am in my usual home-from-vacation coma. Is vacation worth the inevitable tilting off my axis? (...that's what she said?) My baby can't poop and woke me up at 4 this morning to scream in my face about it (vacation poo syndrome knows no boundaries), my fridge is empty, my house is crazy, i have a halloween party and baby shower to plan in like five seconds and i am desperately craving a run. Heeeeelppppmeeeeee.

(woe is the poor housewife back from her week long trip...Yes, you can punch me in the face now) So, are vacations refreshing, or just a new layer to my crazy? I can't decide. 
I think I'll play hookie today.

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M.I.A (gunshots included)

Hey guess what, I'm alive!
Did you wonder why i abandoned you?
Were you worried that I got in a terrible accident?
Were you cold and afraid?
Or should i get over myself and just write a stupid post already?

but first you want to hear something ironic?
whenever i shut my face (my blog face)...i gain readers.
what does that tell me?
it's completely confusing. and i should be insulted.
I won't though cause it takes a lot to offend me. 
seriously. I think it's because i just give the universe so much ammo to use against me.
For instance...I am sitting at the table, in my trusty cutoff ACDC shirt, with one engorged boob, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids playing in the 11:00am...on a Thursday. (insider tip that makes this even more pathetic: last night when i was sleeping and my milk started to leak, i changed out of said ACDC shirt so i wouldn't get milk rings on it, then put it back on in the morning)

ANYway. I am in mexico.
pretending like the internet doesn't work (it totally does)
eating delicious mangoes with chili flakes
letting my kids risk getting lice to have their hair braided on the beach
and reapplying sunscreen like its nobody's business.
(i am terrified of the sun...and the ocean. Wait, why am i here?)
Oh ya, cause im not in AZ
and that's the only reason i need.

...and the reason i haven't been posting.
sorry charlies. Arriba!

team Boo's you

(p.s. my kids hate when i call them "charlies")


good day sunshine.

This is what I get to wake up to every morning...

Don't be jealous (or do)
But I strongly suggest you go get your own Sonny D.

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turning tricks.

When Elyott turned "5" my in-laws happened to be going to peter piper pizza while up north visiting the grandparents. I still hadn't gotten around to throwing her an official party, so I quickly scrambled and got the word out that we should make that outing her "birthday party"...only it was July...her birthday is in January. oopsie. BUT, she was thrilled! HA Hah, kids are so easy to trick. 

I miss the days when I could make their birthdays whenever I wanted. Now with an older sister (who is on to my game ;) as his personal informant (2nd graders don't let anything slide) we had to do Sheamus's birthday within an appropriate time frame, but that didn't keep me from keeping our white trash 5th birthday tradition alive.

-at a dog park
-with two ballons (??)
-a power ranger at his own "spider (man)" themed party
-serve yourself water jugs for drinks.
-a cousin-on-party-guest gang style beat down
-white (spider webbing) streamers that just looked like the gazebo got T.P'd
...a gazebo!!

So yes, my party planning has seen better days, but you know what the best thing about about 5 year olds?? You could probably throw their birthday party atop a giant mound of manure and they would still think it was the best party ever! Which is what sheamus told me later his was...booyah.

...well, minus the manure.

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opposite day.

"Phoenix kind of felt like Seattle yesterday. Only less green...and more glittery pocketed Jeans" (my friend Jenna)

A few days ago we set up a trampoline in our basement (we shortened it of course).

You see yesterday was Sheamus's birthday party, which was to be outside "on the spiderweb playground" (as requested) BUT, it was forecasted to rain. Now, here in Arizona we LOVE rain. We pray for it. The whole neighborhood will stand on their porches in awe and watch it. We intentionally run through it. We spend good money on cute umbrellas and rain boots we know full well will only get used only once or twice. 


...when it finally comes, we all become slightly mentally retarded.

Even though it will literally only rain for like ten minutes at a time...the stores are abandoned. the freeways are lined with accidents. we get confused and send our children to school improperly dressed. we are cold and afraid, and don't know how to be civilized. So when the weatherman threatens a few raindrops on a day when you've planned for a party outside, you might start to do weird things as a backup set up trampolines IN your house.

It never rained.

I'll keep you posted on the inevitable injuries.

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*why didn't we do this at the beginning of summer when we couldn't even go outside!?


my face is 5!

I just realized I never posted when he turned 4...oops (get used to it middle child ;) We did have a party but I think i was just coming out of my "sick coma" with my sonny pregnancy. Excuses, excuses...what i'm trying to say is my Sheamus is 5 and I am gonna celebrate like its nobody's business! (that's a lie. we are actually just going to the park to eat cake...this is a product of too many kids, and him having a birthday in my month from hell)

Fun sheamus facts:

-a typical nightly prayer these days..."dear heavy fodder, please bless sonny to not get smashed by a monster truck, and help us to not say 'ew' at moms food. help me to have lots of toys i like. and help Jesus to be safe. amen." ...You know, only the really important stuff ;)

-sheamus is a master at watching a movie with his eyes locked on the screen and his body flailing and flipping upside down and inside out. He's like a freak of nature. Ok...maybe he's just 5, but still. I have never seen such distraction and dedication all at once.

-still snuggly and sweet. some common phrases "are you pondering what i'm pondering?" "So, how's your day going so far?" He's also turning into quite a little jokester (his laugh is infectious).

-Still wears costumes daily, but now he prefers the ones with no muscles so he can wear regular clothes over the top as his "secret identity"

-will, totally unprompted, clean the entire basement toy room and actually organize every toy in its correct bin. It's amazing the focus of this kid when he wants to do a "good deed" all i gotta do is show him how to clean toilets and we are set.

-It's a guarantee that this kid will fall at least 10 times a day. sitting in a stationary chair? crash. walking calmly down a hallway? bang. buckled securely in his straightjacket? thwack. maybe he has an inner ear issue?? If i were more responsible, i'd get that checked out. On second thought...i'm pretty certain he's just a spaz.

Happy birthday Face! you are my best big boy!!

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i believe in yesterday.

yesterday i swear i almost got hit by lightning. it was so close it basically blew out my eardrums right when it hit (in what looked like our back yard). i scary. i like to think God spared me since i just got finished babysitting my friends kids, and that kind of a follow up would be messed up, especially for God.

yesterday Sheamus DID get hit by a cousin with...a light saber. really hard :( but it turned out fine cause it just looked like a "smooch" from his momma, and not like he needed physical protection from his momma by the state.

yesterday i ran 13 miles.

yesterday I make a mini quilt (12 x12?) start to finish. AND made dinner!! 

believe me, i'm just as shocked as you are.

so that's why yesterday i didn't post. 
also my internet went out. i guess thats the main reason.

team Boo 's you

(haven't you heard?  tooting your own horn is the new "black". Toot toot!)


anatomy of love

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for those about to rock (i salute you)

{via ?? me guys}

Even if i can't participate in fall, i can still play Halloween, right? This picture is my official kick off for this month that i've come to know as "October-when-so-much-is-planned-i-probably-won't-even-get-to-change-my-clothes-let-alone-enjoy-the-festivities-month." Ahhh it's gonna be a crazy. 

Something i always remember though: eating. I wish i were one of those people that just forgot to eat when things got too busy ("oh whoopsie, i just lost 5 pounds chasing my kids around"...nobody is buying it Hollywood). Not me though. I'd be more likely to successfully eat a meatball sub with my (freak of nature) feet, standing on a ladder, with a nail gun, while nursing my kid, than to accidentally go without food. It's both a blessing and a curse. 

Anyway, i will do my best to fill you in on my doings. Here are a few things I will be working on...
-decorate for halloween before chaos ensues
-sheamus birthday party
-mexico with Gma & Gpa Peterson
-our 8th anniversary
-sister stephanie's baby shower
-in charge of church halloween party decor ('06)

Don't get your hopes too high, most of these will be half A'd this year. I just got tooo many babies that keep wanting me to pay attention to them and stuff :) I'm gonna be a chicken with my head cut off.  Wish me luck.

team Boo 's you
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