homies, lovers and friends

Even though you always use my toothbrush, cause you forget mine is the green one, and that you happened to have a green toothbrush like 2 years ago (again, french kissing and wiping your tooth scum onto mine are not the same thing)...

...even though you listen to the lamest music, like 2001 style R kelly, so much that our preschooler makes regular requests for the "freakin' weekend song"

...even though you'll willingly let your softball leg wounds ooze into our sheets

...I love you through and through

♥ Happy anniversary lover.

(*and just as two wrongs don't make a right, 
I realize some random drawing and a silly backhanded post don't make a suitable anniversary gift
...but that's how we roll ;)

(p.s. the wedding photo above is basically opposite day of what we looked like at our wedding. I don't even think Adam could have grown a mustache yet....think pregnant teenagers ;) 


Kimi said...

Happy Anniversary!

missy. said...

happy anniversary!! you two are beautiful together.

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

so amazing!
have a wonderful day!

ArizonaLewis said...

i never say this.
but i love your relationship.
you're like um, homies.
that's a compliment.
in the highest.
happy happy c and a.

cara. said...

as always, i laughed.

and happy anniversary.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!

oh, and I totally get the wound-seeping-into-the-sheets grossness factor.

With a bonus: Allison got a massive wound from soccer one time on her upper thigh, and it leaked through her shorts. No biggie, just wash them right? Well not if the dog specifically chews and eats the shorts there!!!

why are doggies so gross??

moonshinejunkyard said...

you two are pretty dang cute.

Sara said...

Happy anniversary!

(Spit swapping and toothbrush sharing is definitely NOT the same thing. I understand.)

Brittany said...

Our husbands are cut from the same cloth. everything that you listed my husband has done or still does to me. Oh the things we put up with, but we still love them. Does he use your towel? This is my number one right now. Ha Ha. Happy Anniversary and have fun in Mexico.

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