the Wolverine-est

How is it that before an ultrasound, one can drink 32oz of water and pee out 82?

*Sheamus wanted the baby in Mommy's tummy to be a girl because he was under the impression that if it were a boy, that boy would be another Sheamus....and he would have to start all over being a baby again. 

*Elyott wanted a girl because....well she is a girl. and girls are awesome. (va jay jay power!)

*Mommy wanted a girl because...she feared another boy could only be more crazy and inevitably less sweet than the boy she already has.  Plus...she's a girl too (and she has had a girl name burning a hole in her brain for years!)

*Daddy wanted a girl because he drinks things like this...(see below) and having a family of girls would make it seem to make more sense??

So guess what??


*Sheamus asked if his name would be "Sheamus".  When I said no, he needed double clarification that he is now, and would always be, the "WOLVERINE-EST" and "Logan-est" of ALL!  (but i think he has it in the bag...see above)

*Elyott cried a teensy bit...but is now excited (cause she's the best most understanding big sister of all)

*Mommy's heart melted at the thought of a baby gorilla #2, and then punched herself in the face for ever thinking that she could be less excited by another boy (but damn those boy names!)

*Daddy (who is, by nature, the worst reaction giver of all) is jazzed too, and has absolutely no shame from his drink preferences (if he were a drinker, you better believe it'd be Appletinis all night long)

...and giggling fourth graders all across the land are glad to have another boy who will carry on the Dikefest namesake!


boots said...

boys are cool too... i guess :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww congratulations hon!!! Fab pictures there too! xxx

Kimi said...

Big congrats!!

Yelena R. said...


p.s. You are too funny!

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

oh yay! i am so happy for you! :)

i remember when my mom was pregnant. i wanted it to be a girl SOOOOOOOO bad. even though she told me it would be a boy, i was STILL convinced it would be a girl up until delivery.

nope. but i love my little brother hayden!

Sara said...


This of course reminds me of a quote your husband may enjoy.

"I don't like beer. I drink Appletinis. They make me feel fancy."


Happy testosterone in your oven!

missy. said...

congrats!! yay for another little boy running around with your darling family!

Andrea and Blake said...

congrats, Blake wants another boy on our next go round and being that it will most likely be our last I kinda hope he gets what he wants - although I also have a girl name already chosen... Hope you figure out a name without too much stress. hope you are feeling well!

Kelsie said...

PS thats a lotta pee.

Hobbie said...

I was wondering if anyone else was thinking how unfair it is to make a pregnant woman drink that much and then NOT pee!!!! I've never been so happy to have someone tell me to go "release some liquids" as I was at that appt.


valerie said...

Congrats on the baby boy!

moonshinejunkyard said...

i bet he's gonna round that group out perfectly and be rad and they are going to have amazing adventures together, those three.

and anyway, go girl requires no excuses, no apologies.

cara. said...

bawled when i found out my first was a boy.
bawled when i found out my second was a girl...

funny how it works that way. boys keep you in shape. love you a bit better as they age. . . think about teenage girls. do you really want to go through that twice?! but youre guys have all your shit together and keep churning out great obedient a win win for screwed,


i still owe you a little mail. i contracted the flu and possibly something extra...been in bed for 17 days now. urgent care, is being cruel.

cara. said...



thanks. (:

geri said...

well congrats!
(you make me laugh. i can't believe you just said "damn those boy names"! i like you.)

Michelle said...


*Technically* your doing a service for all girl-fetuses because when they get older (and born) they will have a cute boy to crush on, and therefore tease about his last name!!

PS I totally believe my first-born will be a boy... a gut feeling

littlegypsy. said...

so funny! congratulations!

Same New Story said...

congrats!! I love that Sheamus though he would have to start over as a baby again. that is tooo cute!

Lindsay said...

Congrats!! and a belated happy anniversary! Let the name picking begin!

the mama monster said...

i have three boys so i've got buttloads of boy names. i pray we never have a girl because
a. girl names are hard for us to come up with
b. after 3 boys "lady buisness" or va jay jay as you refer to it...will be quite the shocker
congrats on your boy!

Ambs said...

Congrats to the Team Boo family!!! Can't wait for future blogs of all of funny and hilarious stories to come from your addition!!

Tracey said...

We are the other Team Boo blog, came across your blog through google the other day. Have to say, this Team Boo is pretty awesome! :) Congrats on your baby boy! Love your site.

Caroline said...


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