hey guys, incase you were feeling fat or something..

....guess who is 15 pounds heavier than her 6' 3" husband and has two thumbs?
this girl.
(curse you universe.)
In MY defense...he did just get released from a nine day hospital stay.
In HIS defense....he did just get released from a nine day hospital stay.
but still.
I've switched from saddle walking to more of a "duck walk"
which isn't to say I am not rocking that duck walk.
but walking duck-ish nevertheless.
luckily he loves me just the same, maybe more :) boo 's you



{a christmas present for Elyott}
With a roughly a month to go and 2 cm dilated... doctor says I need to "take it easy"
ha :)
All things considered, that may be tricky.
Now housework is not only bad for morale (?),
but also a crime against my uterus.
(...yet a longer pregnancy = a crime against my thighs)
unfortunately, I think uterus always trumps thighs.
I am crossing my fingers for two more weeks of pregnancy.
(as backward as that sounds with all this frigging heartburn)
between his gimp arm and his catheter arm, Adam can't lift over ten pounds.
...that makes for a lame new-baby-helper.
(wa wah wah, i know)
Wish us luck!
team boo 's you


oh blah dee, oh bla da... goes on.

and my sweet Elyott turned 7 yesterday!
despite the crazy week and hospital drama, for a little girl...the show must continue.

It was a surprise party at a local birthday hotspot
and were even able to Skype in daddy to "be there" for the surprise.
It was all very "lifetime original movie"-ish

...and Elyott was in heaven.

Happy Birthday my to my best girl!!
(and no, you can't have a cell phone when you turn 8)

Adam should be out of the hospo by Monday!!!!!
(fingers crossed)

team boo 's you


go humans go.

This is Sheamus.
he isn't sick.
he is super "...thept he can't fly"
His daddy IS sick
 in the "hos-ti-bal"
if sheamus were superman he'd "kill all the dragon buggies that are making daddy sick"
I am SO thankful for all the teamBoo friends and family who have stepped up to help with the kids 
....and those prayers on his behalf. 
They are working!
...and mostly thankful for Heavenly father for putting the right doctor miraculously in our path.
Things are looking up (finally) and soon (??) we can have our daddy back home.
...only he might be living in a plastic bubble ;)
team boo 's you!!!!!!!!


there's a she wolf in my closet.

...but mine isn't nearly as flexible as Shakira's .
Although she still breathes really heavy, does that count?
either was the soundtrack to our new year's eve
my kids and i can't get enough.
(and no they will not be watching that video...geeez)
{34 weeks}
Here are our friends pretending we didn't just play scrabble for two hours and nearly forget it was almost midnight.
So what did i learn in 2009, you ask?
...a #10 can of nacho cheese and the most freaking boring game ever you really can't call a New Year's Eve party. But that doesn't mean we didn't have fun (see above) Thanks Summer for messing up your house instead of mine ;)
team boo 's you


children's hopes that my kids will be at least a little smarter than me ;)

Since this is Baby #3, this time around, I have asked only for hardcover books for our library stash [yes, I'm a bit of a paperback snob] In this economy, i'd feel like a total jackhole if I were to indulge in buying all the books i covet [and i would be] but here are a few authors always on the tippy top of my a few others I think your should have ;)
also Little Pea (which i have), and Little Oink. of napping house (have it) and King Bedgood (want it)

...another classic my library has failed to accumulate is Alexander and the Very Bad no Good Horrible Day (by the same author)

...cause we all need a good british accent in our reading

all of her books are so good, but oddly illustrated for too young of an audience.

(plus you are automatically awesome if your first name is "crockett")

These ones we have, and I absolutely love.
...a childhood favorite that is extremely hard to find in good book is on its last leg
(i maybe don't even let my kids hold it :)

...about being a friend.

...about hopes and dreams!!
(Mo? Dallas?...again with the cute names.)

Besides the obvious classics...what are some of your uncommon finds?

and as boo 's you


elephant in the room

{Banksy’s “Elephant,” 2006}
I can't hide it anymore.
I now walk like i've been in a saddle all day.
but in my feels like i got hit in the crotch with a bat.
this post is mostly cause i know how sick you are of seeing my christmas tree when my page loads. I have lost that blogging feeling lately. But maybe I'm doing you a favor by resisting to post all my heartburn and sleeping woes....and profile shots where you may or may not feel obligated to say how non-enormous you think i look, so i just look like a big douche who's fishing for compliments ;)
If i were really sassy, i'd have painted a picture of my own self camouflaged into a pink room.
...but then i would have had to change out of my sweatpants.
team boo 's you
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