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With each new child I birth, the more obsessed I become with buying/searching for all things kid.  This isn't to say that i don't have my own interests, but with kid stuff i find its easier to be a little more carefree {and we can all afford to be a little more carefree}. I have so many things saved as bookmarks on my Mac and i figure if i can't buy them, i can at least share them with you.  So here are a few of my favorite {kid} things....

1. Anything quilted, particularly this pillow i've had my eye on from Anthropologie 
2. Kid art possibilites are endless {i found this in an empty closet of a house i was helping clean} 
3. I have a weakness for Robots, the tin toy kind {just incase you assumed i was talking about the Victoria "posh" Beckham kind} 
4. Simple graphic Tees 
5. Nesting Dolls of which my daughter can't get enough. She might not like this Being John Malcovich one as much as i would, but it just goes to show the variety out there, cause you know there is a nesting doll lover in all of us 
6. Fingerprint charm {i did break down and buy two of these beauties} 
7. Nostalgic books {or just books, but why are they so expensive? they're just paper!! okay and art, aaaand a good story you can read five hundred times to your dear children...k fine it makes sense} 
8. Kid art poster, the second i figure out my Adobe Illustrator i am making this {in lieu of the several dozen 8 1/2 x 11 drawings taped all over my house} 
9. Heart shaped mugs {the inner well forms a liquid heart...awwww!} 
10. Colorful kid's room decor 
11. and I believe no childhood is complete without a cape!

**also, be is a fine line between browsing for kid stuff and being sucked into the yuppy mommy vortex...before you know it you'll be buying vintage flash cards, buying them wooden pull toy ducks and considering home-schooling. No matter how much you like it, kids know better than to play with most of that crap {and you know better than to deprive your children of the social skills they'll learn with a good 'ole public education}


Lindsay Brummer said...

I LOVE the fingerprint charm. I went to the site where you got yours and I couldn't figure out how to order it... help!

Carolyn said...

I've added an updated link to the actual company that makes them (Prairie Creations). The other retailer must not be carrying them anymore. Good luck!

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