calling all NAY sayers!

Say yes to being positive.

Am i? aren't i? I suppose it depends on the day... 
{have i've showered? how many times has my babyBoo has crapped his pants? is the ground outside going to burn my feet each time i throw those poopies away? how many flicked boogers have i found crusted to the wall? did my husband just plop all the new bills on my desk? did i just eat 6 chocolate chip cookies right before bed last night?}.  
Alas my proverbial glass is usually half full, but sometimes it has a fat crack in it cause i bought it from walmart and my husband keeps putting it in the bottom of the dishwasher {but he did do the see...positivity, eh??}

Sunday i trimmed my bangs with my mother in law's kitchen all i need is a little glue on my face and i am "Miss Lippy".  I could be embarrassed, or i can braid two pony tails and be a "swedish fraulein" for halloween...there was a problem. yo, i solved it.

On our trip Adam, in an attempt to hold his breath across the whole length of the pool with his eyes closed, lost track of where he was and swam full speed head first into the side of the pool. The blood gushed and naturally he felt like a fool.  But even he saw the humor in this.  He even took it one step further and told his family an elaborate story about a drunk guy on the beach in mexico breaking a bottle over his head after stumbling into the children at which point adam gave him a knee to the face and sent him to the ground.  Kids unharmed, and Adam is a hero.  Way to turn a negative into a "positive" honey! (even though this makes you a liar ;)...he plans to tell them the truth eventually and claims that will make it even funnier...we'll see my dear, we'll see.

In high school i complained about having to eat out almost every night for dinner {what a brat!} These days its all about self preservation, and whining does nothing to preserve my spirit.  I am by no means a beacon of positive light, but i find that with humor and a lot less pride i can love life, even when the future seems so uncertain.

Things i am thankful for this monday morning: {besides my weird husband}

-were home from our trip alive, sunburn and nick knack free
-more importantly I am no longer a victim of "vacation poo sydrome" {or lack thereof}
-for those who help control the pet population {thats you bob barker} stray dogs = I scary.
-Sheamus has all his costumes and super heroes back
-being done with the life sucking Twilight series {and still preferring my lover to Edward, but just barely}
-i don't start training until tomorrow {ok...maybe the next day}
-the sun is shining and i can finally open my blinds to enjoy it
-the Nie sale is near, meaning i still get to get rid of more stuff {i love it}
-and, of course, my friends and family who rock!


Eric and Addie said...

i was getting bored i am so glad your back and blogging again, i have to admit your blog is on my top fav list of blogs to stalk.
and way glad your plumbing is up and working again.

Kara said...

1- i missed stalking you while you were gone (via blog and window peeping)
2- what's the deal with the 2nd nie sale? i want to donate more awesome crap

Buffalo Gal said...

"Tired of blogging" my butt!! You are obsessed "an yaw always well be!" face it! But they are fun to read. Your cute Carebear...

Megan Marie said...

Cute mom, adorable family, hilarious writing. I'm excited to read more!

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