for like ever

"FOR...LIKE...EVER?? what does that mean?" they'll ask {and they all do}

This is where I always fight my first thought, which is shaming them for not realizing how self explanatory this statement is.  Then I briefly explain to them "you know...a forever family...'i love you forever'...FOR-LIKE-EVER...get it?"

"Okkkaaay" they'll say, but only to humor me {and then i'll make a exaggerated mental note of how incompatible we are and how we can never be best friends...buuuut usually its a male who asks, so by default they are off the hook}.

My husband gets it {now} and has even let me display this giant hot pink poster in our boudoir {one reason i like him so much...he never questions my decor :) cause aside from it's quirky modern appeal, it holds special meaning to me. I truly believe that there is no higher reward than an eternal family.  However, since i can't bring myself to actually display church 'enrichment night' crafts, this poster is my substitute for the scrapbook-ish mod podged wood block with cursive lettering adorned with silk flowers {silk, i gather, is the new dried rose??}

So why the discalimer?? Well, today marks the sixth year of marriage to my handsome man...and here, i'll count the ways i love him so...

I love how he is itching for another baby, way before me :)  I love that he is folding laundry right now (and always does) and frequently does the dishes without prompting.  He made a special trip with me (twice) this week to go cut branches off a dead tree I spotted on the side of the road that was practically calling my name {"tis the season for all things twigs!"} and after 6 years of marriage Adam has finally come to terms with this. He knows the "cure-all" for any of my flustered moods {tacos+clean house = happy wife}  I love the way he turns down the bed almost every night {so he's not completely unromantic...don't tell him i said so}.  He is the best tension breaker in any extended family gathering, is spontaneous, distinguishably innovative, kinda dorky {but just enough to match me}, light hearted, so loyal,  funny, and disgustingly affectionate {amongst many other more gushy and private reasons that i will spare the reader of this blog}

Because of him, i have no doubt he is crazy about me.  And even though i typically have a total void of sympathy when he's "sick" {to which he accuses me, only in his weakest moments of suffering, that i have an "ice heart"}...I am adoringly in love with him too.  

So today my pink poster gives every wooden sign a figurative "high five" in peace, because i know no matter how I declare it, I love my family and the life we have.... and Adam and I promised we would love and support it and each other unconditionally, and that is exactly what we plan to do......for like ever.

(oh, you knew that was coming ;)

**and how will we celebrate?...a day of driving to Mexico, which is actually a step up from last year when we forgot it was our anniversary since he was sick, and {naturally} i was annoyed with mexico


Sonia Evans said...

Hey girl...i love your blog-you have done so well with it. i added you to mine and wanted to give you my address. I finally started one.

ps. your kids are getting so big. we need to get together and play love love sonia

emily said...

Hey you, i love your post, and your decor and your rock!! Hope you are good. Think about you lots. Your family is beautiful! And instead of Carolyn, i will call you "C" for now... kisses.

Christopher said...

Happy anniversary! Ummmm what else...I can't beleive you're going to Mexico without me? It's never going to be the same :D

The Payne family said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been six years. I still remember the high school days when you didn't want to date Adam and we were all shocked when you randomly kissed one night. Ha! You guys have come a long way! Congrats you two!

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