Stop and smell the asphalt.

I "got ready" like 5 separate times this week and this is the only lame picture i have to show for it!?

My blog muscles are a bit flabby these days (come to think of it...most of my muscles are a bit flabby these days) Take a week off and all of the sudden its like i'm trying to translate my thoughts into spanish (My name is Carolyn. I am a mother that likes the jokes. Do you know where the library is?) We have had a lot of family around and it just didn't seem right to choose the cold embrace of my computer screen over those capable of two way conversation and...heartbeats. 

I have been up to my scrappy old self. Cutting down dead plants with inappropriate garage tools and getting in arguments with vietnamese men at the nail salon by day, then wearing red lipstick and watching 3D tweenie movies by night (this description explains a random weekend of mine...or that of an underage stripper, your choice.) 

Really though this weekend was a lot of fun. So even though i cooked for like 50+ mouths and I washed every dish in my house at least 5 times, it did rain. IT RAINED! And when you live in Arizona, you get to stop whatever you're used to doing and watch it, for as long as you want. It's like Disneyland when it rains here. Everyone is happy and nice, birds chirp and also Churros have no calories. It's magical.

team Boo 's you


if you were the floor i'd wanna be the rug

My computer has owned me this week.

i have been eating out of its stupid plastic hand. But i've finally finished and uploaded my valentine project for my dear sweet husband...and its not even March! Take that old farty computer (just kidding apple i still love you)

*thanks to those who sent in your kids love quotes. It was fun reading them (and i wish there was space to include them all!) Thanks to the moms of Jack, Travis, Sadie, Adrian, Quinn and Gibson for letting me include their adorable thoughts on love with you here :) kids are so silly.

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can leprechauns also be for lovers?

{via Oh Hello}
guess who was putting the final touches on her valentine video last night, but had to restart her computer for the bajillionth time, and who's project is now no where to be found?!? 

(hint: she is now sitting on the moon)

actually I didn't even get mad...but im guessing it's was just due to pure denial that all those hours of neglecting my family could now have been in vain?!? What a terrible way for the universe to repay my usual lacking effort of valentine thoughtfulness for my lover. Sorry for the video pump fake. I'm sure when I get it posted just in time for St patrick's day or something. Lame.

Off to the apple store! giggity.

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a gif far you.

gif animators

I am still working tirelessly on my valentines video, but my computer can't seem to handle all the love! ...hopefully by tonight? While you wait, between my computer crashes i will share Sheamus's sweet valentine to his daddy:

"dear dad-
Happy valentines day. I wonder when we are gonna play video games? Help Sonny be safe. Now the Valentines card is almost ready and i wish your wish comes true when you wish upon a star. Don't litter the earth and I hope you be healthy and don't yell at people. And when I'm done with this card make a valentine card for me, ok. I love you. 
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a sweet valentine (re-post)

this is me half "a" blogging.

i am having a love affair with a book i'm reading and since its February i figure you will understand (cause February is about "love"...remember?) Ok that's a stretch, but for now i found this old comic post and i think it is worthy of your eyeballs' time.

If i weren't so lazy i'd make you a 2011 version. maybe about a Sonny who is one year this week, only 17 1/2 pounds, and needs to start eating more high calorie foods (seriously, you can see rib cage) but is too in love with my bosom ("can't quit the sugar tit" as my grandma would have said) but that might be too graphic?? 

i'll spare you.

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Elyott ducked into a neighbors house last week on an emergency potty run. And theeeeeen she came out with this. 

"Ty's mom said i could have it!"
...yes love...i'm sure she did. 
And what kind of mother would i be if i deprived my child a free 4 foot hot pink super static-y gorilla?? 
(answer: the kind who wished she had just let her kid pee her pants)

Love is:
spending "quality" time together

...this is what quality time means to Handsome Bob (who filmed and created the following):

dodge ball on Vimeo.

you see, it all worked out in the end. Ty's mom got rid of the giant gorilla from her house, and then we hit her kid (in the blue shirt) in the face with a giant rubber ball :)

(another bonus: after posting this video we'll probably never get asked to babysit for the rest of our lives!!!)
team Boo 's you

p.s. please don't report us to CPS :)

p.p.s. oooh Renee i forgot...what you didn't see in the video is that our walls are actually made out of candy, and instead of walking we just ride hover boards. 

Plus my body transforms into Justin Bieber. sooooo....


Never say never.

{via veer}

Love is:

the BEST!
(except when it's not)

Elyott says that pretty much all the girls in her class have boyfriends, but they don't go to their school. 

I said "that probably means they don't really have boyfriends."

"No, they do!" she says "it's Justin 'Bea-ver'" 

My guess is that, unbeknownst to him, he's dating every second grader on the planet (that two timing piece of crap). So it has finally happened guys...

...Elyott is 8 years old. and she has "Beaver" Fever. 

And despite it's borderline inappropriate and very unintended pun, I just don't have the heart to correct her on his name...yet. Also i have just been informed that baby words like "tummy" and "potty" and "bum" are officially graduated in Elyott land. Which makes sense now that "Beav" is a household name ;)

team Boo 's you

(Miley Cyrus is SO five minutes ago)


language of love.

Love is: 
saying your sorry 
(even when you really don't want to)

For february I have a very special "project Boo" up my sleeve and i need your help:

Ask the cutest kid(s) you know...
"what happens when you love somebody?"
"what would the world look like without love?"

then send me an email "valentine" ( with their first name, age and brilliant response(s). Theirs just may be featured in my team Boo Valentine "special"!! (with credits linking back to your site...with your permission of course :) I will be collecting comments all week. Now ask away!!

team Boo 's you
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