project Boo: defenseless babies edition

(defenseless babies Edition)

11. Willy Wonker (not featured)

We all love Mila's Daydreams.

And I think it's safe to say we all love my little Sonny Delight.

You know you have thought about doing it. maybe you already have. Or maybe you worried I'd think it was lame (cause i make fun of most things) Maybe you're afraid i'd think you were obsessed with me and wanted to wear my skin. If so, please slap yourself in the face, and remember that teamBoo is about spreading the lve, rather than being impressive (plus: i totally shanked it from Mila, remember??)

So pull those random blankets and ridiculous thrift store finds out of the laundry room, and create some "tummy time" artwork (we say "tummy" at our house, and "smoochies" and "bum" can take the mom away from the kids, but you can't take the kids out of the mommy?? wait, i mean you literally CAN...but you know what i mean, shut up). Anyway, the best part is you don't even need a defenseless baby to play!! You can use your defenseless kids, animals, or even significant others ;)

Here's an example of a awesome go getter who has already made it happen (and whose friend, who never thought I would see it, left a comment that totally dogged mine. HA! busted. ;) check it:

(up, up and away by team cowan. love it.)

*And if your lucky, I might even make a prize for my fave...since i know how much you all LOVE my handywork (admit it, you were a little embarrassed for me) But i don't care cause practice makes perfect haters.
(but that's a big fat maybe, we could always just play for fun?)

now email me those entries (to titled "my defenseless baby") so i can post them here! 

ready, set, go...

(*when i was little we used to have to pay my mom a quarter each time we said "shut up." so now i only pull it out on special occasions. like here. to boss you around)

team boo 's you


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh...the friend did totally dog you! Your scary baby scenes have left an impression on me as well...I have thought about doing one considering that I am into photography and am also about to burst out a newborn and all the fluids that go with it....yum!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I'm all over this!!!

Team Cowan said...

hooray!! glad you liked my copycat. I'll get to work on more defenseless child dioramas and see how many more of my friends I can get to dog you. heh heh heh... kidding! and I promise I'm not a total copycat - my husband dubbed us team cowan years and years ago, way before I sutmbled upon your lovely blog. and way before we added two players to our team. :) also, on sunday I wore my hair in pigtails and tied them with the ribbon that's making the sun's rays in my picture. while walking into church quinn said "mama, your head looks like the sun." so now I'll think twice about the things I use so we don't have any of those embarrassing moments... can't you imagine? "mama, that dress makes you look like a circus tent." uh.....

MaryPosa said...

What if your only camera is a camera phone that takes blurry and sometimes totally terrible pictures?
Can I still attempt to play?


Yay for Team Cowan!

cara. said...

this totally motivates me to try.
also, i don't participate in giveaways unless its i've pinned a few years for. that way i'm not spending any of my "luck".
you're awesome.

kate lines said...

if i had a defenseless baby i'd be all over this crap!

anyone have one to spare?

ferardandy said...

i'm new to your blog, i like it:) i love your challenge and will have to come up with a way to keep my one year old pinned down.

p.s. check it:

tvmom said...

loving this!

Connie said...

Ok ok you are hilarious. And I have been doing these for my own little guy (just posted my 2nd... too bad the lady who dreamt these up took hers all down!) Well at least I can love on yours. (:

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