willy wonker?

...that's what my kids call it anyway.

Sorry for the anti-climactic project boo:defenseless babies finale. This "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" concept I had much higher hopes for (the chocolate waterfall looks like a boring tree and there are no oompa loompas!) I guess I got a little lazy and he ended up looking more like a really lost blind hobo. But when I add too many props or detail, I am positive the universe whispers to Sonny that it all must be violently destroyed. Actually I think my lackluster motivation is just my total frustration with my piece of crap camera. It takes grainy ugly pictures that I just can't respect in the morning. 

Thanks to those who played! all five of you. Seriously Kelly, Cara, Maryposa no are now on blog BFF watch. The defenseless babies edition is now going into retirement. Until Project Boo's next installment...enjoy yourself a little candy land paradise...with hardly any candy, what??

Mostly, thank you Sonny for being such a sweet treat. A real Sonny Delight! Thanks for smiling at all of mom's same old desperate tricks. Thanks for having Willy Wonka hair. And thanks for not realizing how embarrassing it is to wear your sisters purple velvet jacket.

team Boo 's you

*don't forget to check out team cowan's second installment to the project boo defenseless babies edition! 
(What a brown noser ;)


Betsy Blue said...

He is so precious!

kelly said...

I'm late to everything. I've got something cookin'- I'll make it up to you.

cara. said...

please tell me you got my email with my attempt....according to mae's violent temper, it just wasn't in the cards. maybe i'll go ahead and post the picture on my blog just to give you another shout out. (:

leigh said...

I've loved this little series. I had some ideas swirling in my head but my baby is 18 months old and couldn't sit still if I tranquilized him. Then, my 5 year old is just too busy being cool to pose.

Can it be a defenseless mommy in the photo? If so, I'd be in.

MaryPosa said...

So I sent you an e-mail. And just a little P.S. on that, the "scar" on Elliot's head? Yeah. It's Sharpie. aaaaaaand tomorrow (as I just remembered) is our ward's primary program. Above average intelligence right here. Ten points from team Einfeldt.

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