defenseless cub: jersey shore

 I think i've successfully guilted all three of my "defenseless babies sellouts" to submit their entries. So allow me to officially introduce you to Cara and her rarely publicized cub:

First of all, Cara is so positively self aware its ridiculous. She's witty, and creative! She's knows how to be sensitive, and take time to be silly. She is introspective and tough. Private and reflective. Grateful and open-minded. She has been through a boatload of crazy, yet holds her head high and stays awesome by refusing to be pigeonholed and reminding herself to choose happiness and really live in the present (instead of just saying it and then forgetting like five seconds later, like me ;)

One of her recent "present moments" was dressing her adorable defenseless baby up like "Snookie." just for me?? 
i'd like to think so. 

Basically everytime she posts I want to quote her or whoever she is quoting, but i might as well just give you her link so you can see for yourself. I hope i haven't embarrassed you Cara. I suggest you get used to it though, cause you are kinda awesome.

oh and she's crafty. Check out her adorably embroidered onsies and headbands.

team Boo 's you


cara. said...

you made tears well up in my eyes. you are so sweet. thank you so much for the encouraging words and for speaking into me. i'm very thankful for our blog friendship (: and i'm more than pleased that you got a kick out of snooks. (:

Team Cowan said...

hey team - I've decided to take it into my own hands (and hopefully lots of others) to get miss maryposa a camera. check out my blog to see if you want to pitch in at all. she deserves it. :)

morgan said...

hahaha you guys are so cute!

Today's Letters said...

cara, so fun to see you featured on here. (mad fist pumps for a great write up teamBOO!) ... heart you and the cub more than a vespa with a side of sidecar.

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