David Bowie supports ch ch changes.

Things I won't do in 2011:
-give myself a schedule (i hate looming obligations)
-remember birthdays (creates unintentional favoritism)
-stop eating dessert (cause that is a sick joke)
-stress about having a clean house (but when i do, i always wear this exact outfit...)

my theme for 2011? year of "absorbtion and practice" Translation: give patience to the skills i want to learn. No starting a business talk or getting ahead of myself. No quitting cause i'm unoriginal on the spot. No feeling overwhelmed cause I didn't start it all ten years ago. Not letting my embarrassment (of my output) deter my future efforts. I am dedicating myself to learning to learn and letting myself be inspired. blahbitty blah...more cheesy stuff...amen.

here are a few less vague goals:
-give my hair a pulse again (it's time.)
-get some certifiable skills (as in college classes)
-get a big girl camera and not be afraid to learn how to use it (i've done everything short of selling my plasma to save up)
-run 1000 miles (this number keeps going down)
-read 5 books (this makes me sound like a retard, i know.)
-make a quilt for each of my kids (cause it's a sentiment i know they will love)
-only buy things that i L.O.V.E. (food, clothes, shoes, toys, etc)

practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice. practice......

Happy New Year Friends!!
team Boo 's you


cara. said...

really into this list.

and may join the bandwagons of hair with a pulse, reading 5 books, and money on things i love.

perfect on things you won't do. and perfect on not getting ahead of yourself but doing what you ought to.

these are all reasons why we're friends.

also, my capthka is "pspoop" (:

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Love this. Going to try to only buy things I L.O.V.E. too. I have to much crap laying around these parts.

communikate. said...

freak. i want hair like the lady in the second photo.

great goals.
i love that you want to run 1200 miles. i'm going to aim low, and go for 12 miles this year. hey, it's doable right?

megan said...

Love your list. Now my new resolution is to hang a clothesline and buy a bodysuit! Happy New Year!

Christopher said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with selling your plasma, sister.

Swirls of Happy said...

Love this post!

MaryPosa said...

I'm not going to stop eating dessert either. Good call on that.

Tiffany said...

One of the best resolution lists I've read so far! Love the Italian Vanity Fair photo.

kimbrali said...

oh oh oh i sort of know what im doing with my big camera so feel free to ask any questions. im a pretty decent teacher :)

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