wait....i mean flashback. to 2010. the year of hospitals and love (and love handles). We kicked it off like rock stars with a death scare (like a for real one) but emerged victorious, hooray! (in your face flesh eating bacteria) Elyott turned 7...minus dad :( But he got better just in time to bring the sunniest Sonny there ever was in all the land! He was cute, just like them. I pretended to be domestic but then traded it for being evil by making defenseless babies play dress up while they were still too uncoordinated to get away (I'm not used to compliance). 

Then we told AZ to suck it and took our second little/long road trip that ended too soon, then returned to melt our faces in new ways. Elyott got inspired, and then shiny new teethSchool started, and i got confused. Then i took baby steps to get my groove back (still waiting). I sat in the hot seat, and then I blinked and my Sheamus boy turned 5 (but is still as sweet as ever). 

We sipped pina coladas, and then painted cardboard until our souls turned black . We took a little time out for family and celebrated talked about the 8th year since we put a ring on it. I got olderWe made a lot of cardboard candySonny smiled and nursed nonstop. Then Adam got older. We got our first official family pictures taken and owned it. BUT, most importantly...we loved each other's faces off. got served! the end :)

team Boo 's you

*remember to mix in a lot of stress and heartache. It's just not as fun to hear me whine about money or days i spend in the fetal position. But if life is for learning...we learned a lot ;)


Ashley said...

Wow! What a year! Love the picture!!

Happy 2011!

kelly said...

Seriously, you keep pulling great pictures out of your back pocket. it's been fun reading along with the madness.

S and K said...

I'm just seriously impressed with the composition of this post!!! You never seem to have a dull moment on the blog my friend! I love the way your brain works...wanna run my blog and make it (or me) super cute and sassy like you!?!?!?!?!

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