The last dandelion.

Sheamus is such a face melter. And he really doesn't even try. He has no ulterior motives, and is so very thoughtful...he's kinda like a Winnie the Pooh movie personified. For example, yesterday we went to the park to take our minds off a particularly serious "brain injury" of his. After his brain "healed", he played a little in the grass and a few minutes later brought me what he described as the "last dandelion of the season." It was sweet enough in itself to offer to me, but then before we blew it out together, he wished for "mom for a new camera"...and that's when the total face meltdown was complete. (This can only be something he has overheard and remembered how much i long for) Where did this kid come from?

team Boo 's you


kelly said...

i love him

littlegypsy. said...

oh so sweet!

Jalene said...

that was so cute.

it kind of makes me excited to have kids. haha. not that i'm not. i'm just totally not ready yet. only been married for 5.5 months, people.

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