t when tea ate.

Unfortunately for you, in this picture my thighs got their immodest birthday wish. Takes every girl back to when they got their first pair of spanx (*sigh*). I promise this is the most you'll ever have to see of them. And even though this pic is almost crotchtacular, i am going to post it anyway because i want to remember those sparkly legs when I'm old and fat. happy birthday to me.

team Boo 's you

(I know you've gotten snippets of the Dikefest 2010 photo shoot, but now its been so long that the build up is getting stupid and you'll be like "whats the big deal? its just your same old stupid face." The hold up is that I am making a christmas book for my parents with them, but maybe i'll just show you now anyway??)


communikate. said...

happy birthday lady!

chelsey meyer said...

girrrrrrrrrrl, happy birthday!

cara. said...

for realz.

also, happy birthday.

prettybaby said...

happy birthday! you should put that photo on your cake! you're gorgeous & coo-kee! surely the best combo.

MaryPosa said...

Yay! Birthday!!!

I hope it's magical and delicious. Kind of like lucky charms, but a billion times better.

Laura said...

Such a cute pic! Happy Birthday!

Becca said...

I love you for this.
adorable photo, too!

ahc said...

ah...the desert rose (said in a molly shannon voice).
i have a little saying: if your crotch is intact after 3....celebrate.

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