Family ties

There is nothing in this world that I am more grateful for each day than my family. Family is everything. So I was sad when I saw on the news two women camped out front of Target TWO days before black Friday (missing thanksgiving) in order to be first in line to get a cheap flat screen tv. Not because I don't love myself a little technology, cause I do. How else would I watch 30 rock...and family guy...and Modern Family...recorded on HD :) but my point is those things are nothing if I am not snuggled up with my lover, and only after I've soaked in the wonder and craziness of my kids each day like a sponge. Without them, a giant flat screen is nothing but a fat waste...a really awesome and hilarious fat waste ;)

Hope you all enjoyed your families(no matter it's shape or size) more than anything else this thanksgiving :)

p.s. My kids dressed themselves. Thankfully Mario goes good with everything.


robin said...

sweet post. in your excellent, hilarious way.

Buffalo Gal said...

i hate black friday. so much. so much it makes me shake thinking about it. there are so many things wrong with it...camping out, trampling people, making your children stand in lines for hours, shaking locked store front doors, bring knives. people are ca-raaazy...crazy. love you sister, and wish you were with us on TGD ;)

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