warning: this may be super boring to most of you

details shmetails...
In all of this fresh baby haze
I have left a few of you unsatisfied with a severe lack of details
what kind of a female am i??
(It must be that intoxicating new baby smell)
Sonny, like my two other McGoos, came extremely fast
when I got to the hospital I was 9 cm
(so, for those of you who have not had children
thats like 4 seconds before the baby "turtle heads")
I did finally get to have an epidural (kinda)...Hallelujah!!
(i didn't have time with Elyott or Sheamus)
it wasn't in there 5 minutes before Sonny came out peaceful and very unsquished
just enough to take the edge off what feels nothing short of a train driving out of my hospital gown ;)
he was 7 lbs 15 oz
(my biggest baby by 1 pound)
Elyott and Sheamus are adjusting amazingly!
neither can get enough...
Sheamus asked while Sonny slept "is he a frozen one?....I love this boy!"
and now instead of being worried that we would name the new baby "Sheamus" he wishes his own name was "Sonny"
Elyott runs in the door everyday from school with a new kick in her step ready to greet baby.
She is very proud of being able to hold him while standing
She is so nurturing and loving to both my boys
Such a sweet big sister!
team boo 's you


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Congratulations again, you have a beautiful family! xxx

cara. said...

thanks for the deets. i love it. i love your children.

littlegypsy. said...

that's awesome! none of your details could ever be boring~you make everything so funny!

abby said...

that is so darn sweet. i'm so happy for you! and jealous of all that snuggling you get to do.

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