Gold Guns Girls.

*For the weekend, I will alleviate my blog of defenseless babies posts...and just post a picture of my...regular baby?? That's all i got folks :/ This is just in case some of you are getting tired of the same old thing: BABIES (let me you are going to try and tell me that puppies aren't cute? what kind of robots are you!?)

Hows about a little weekly high low?

-I found my calling in LIFE!! (besiiiides birthing and nurturing my children. no, it's not sewing) I can't tell you about it yet though. You know, just in case i flake out and find a new "calling" ;)

-My sisters and i took my mom out for a birthday dinner. Upon arrival, I accidentally shanked an up front parking spot from another car. I tried to back out, but the guy just blocked me in and stared me down like a crazy. A few minutes later i saw him walking with his family..."I'm sorry sir. I was trying to back out for you...i really didn't see you there" (I was genuinely sorry).  He just dogged me and tried to prove how dumb and rude i was since his wife was pregnant. BUT! what he failed to notice was:
a.) I was also in a car and obviously walking with an 8 months pregnant sister  
b.) i was carrying a new-ish baby in a carrier (have you ever carried one of those suckers? with the awkwardness factor, they might as well weigh like 400 lbs.)
c.) my mom has no stomach! (to be fair, dude didn't know that last one, but i also didn't know his wife was pregnant cause...doiee, i don't have x-ray vision.) 
Why do people have to be so ugly? Its not even Christmas time yet!! ;)

-The planning has begun for church holiday parties 2010. My brain wheels are turning and i am excitedly tap dancing in my head. However, come October 29th, my feet will be trying to commit foot suicide.

-I went thrift store shopping with Elyott. I found SO much cute stuff for her! Red boots, green dress, classy witch shoes. Then i stumbled upon 3 amazing pairs of boots for me (like high quality awesome vintage) It was like the heavens rays were shining down and an awesome southern baptist choir was clapping and singing right there, in Savers. And then the record player screeched (and my fall wardrobe dreams dashed) when I went to put my stupid OGRE feet inside and they were ONE size too small. ALL three!! one. frigging. size. too. small. I out loud sang the sentence "whyyyy are my feet so stink-ing ginormoussss" Elyott got embarrassed. I seriously contemplated cutting my big toe off but, luckily for Elyott, we were in a big hurry.

team boo 's you


communikate. said...

ah smeeks. i miss that place!'re hilarious. cut you're big toe off. that's intense, but i understand. i wanted to cut of my ginourmous but cheeks when i found the greatest vintage dress ever, but it wouldn't fit over my arse.

oh, and i can't wait to see what's instore for your church christmas party.

abby said...

i was just going to say, "are you in smeeks?? you're totally in smeeks."

kate beat me to it.

people are so mean. i can't tell you how many times my husband has almost gotten into fist fights with people because of parking/driving issues. i mean, he kind of likes to fight. but still.

ArizonaLewis said...

although all of your creative mindspills go unmatched- it's your holiday decorating skills that keep me up at night staring at the ceiling.

can't WAIT to see this year's edition.

ps- my baby entry is up.
ps- the clean up part of that little shoot sucked.
pps- my baby's going to bed tonight with eye liner.

teamBoo said...

Yes it's smeeks. Okay EAGLES! You guys got that from a hat and a metal peg board in the background??

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