eating for two.

Who says you can't enjoy Thanksgiving without a stomach?
How thankful we were to have our sweet mother released from her month long stay in the hospital on Thanksgiving day!  We found "out of the box" ways to entertain mom {besides eating all the deliciousness in front of her}...
This is NOT what it seems... ...hits off the Incentive Sparometer.
{Even the babies got in on that action}
Three examples of things I'm grateful for:
1. Children who still like to smooch their mom.
2. Capturing the one time in history my brother has actually smiled for a picture.
3. My husband's killer sense of appropriate thanksgiving dinner attire {in his defense we did, for the first time ever, eat off paper plates}
What would a feast be like where elyott DID like the food??
Hope your holidays find you well {with or without a stomach}
**also...what's up with my orange oompa loompa face?!?
team boo


Broadobalds said...

I'm so glad your mom is home! I hope she's doing well.

Buffalo Gal said...

I was a little dissapointed not to see you "suck face" picture ;)

Eric and Addie said...

ok i love the new header.
the new bangs.
your kids.
and the bong.

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