defenseless Sawyer: otter out of water.

("soarin' sawyer" by Robin Ladle)

Are we sick of babies taking over my blog yet??
too bad suckers.

Robin birthed her fourth baby almost the same time i had my Sonny D. We took turns making fat pants jokes, and simultaneously dreamt of days when we'd be un-pregnant. And now we are! And now she has a sweet little Sawyer to take defenseless pictures of for Project boo:defenseless babies edition

One thing i love about Robin is her love for the "name that animal face" game. She is a self proclaimed "dinosaur meets lamb" combo, and Sawyer has been recently crowned a otter/simba mix. To me, he is more of an otter mixed with Fred Armisen combo, but now i'm getting really off track...the point is: Sawyer is SO cute and so is this photo! Thanks for playing Robin :)

*as adorable as he is in a hot air balloon, i think you need to make one of him....being otter-y.

team boo 's you


Artsy Aut said...

Im loving the defensless babies. Still trying to figure out what to do with my baby. I also play the animal people game. There is a woman at church who looks EXACTLY like a monkey. Its sad really. And once I saw a mouse man on the metro. I wanted to take his picture the likeness was so perfect.

robin said...

so awesome. thanks for including us in your game!

and thanks for mentioning the animal game. because let's face it, it's a game that needs to be acknowledged worldwide and what better place to start than right here on team boo...

jdavissquared said...

I thought I was the only person who thought people looked like animals! too funny.

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