defenseless Elle: under the sea

(by Melissa Krantz)

 Melissa was way too humble when she sent this to me (for teamBoo's annual project boo: defenseless babies edition) She second guessed her prop choices and discredited her natural creativity. Watch me as i figuratively shake her by the shoulders to remind her that she is 9 months pregnant and accomplished this task with a THREE year old!!! (but not too hard cause she's pregnant. and i don't want to get arrested) Not to mention the fact that it totally rocks. The CD's and the coins are so clever. My older kids keep getting jealous that i have only done these with Sonny, i suppose this means that i now have no excuse not to ;) Thanks for playing Melissa, i love it!

*Once i have the idea, these photos usually take me about 30 minutes from start to finish. But that's probably only because i am a creative GENIUS!
Seriously though, just try it. its fun...and free :) You wont regret it. Or maybe you will, but at least you'll get a cute picture out of it ;)

team boo 's you


Team Cowan said...

I love the purple "sea creature" ball. Super clever. And the eucalyptus. :) Well done Melissa!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it. =)

Melissa said...

It was really so much fun! Doing it seriously made my day! Thanks for the compliments, I almost feel famous...almost. I may have to do it again tomorrow...toddler willing.

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