mrs. roboto

I am always amazed when I hear my husband getting mad into the phone at an automated lady's voice. 

Cause, you's a robot...void of empathy or reason.

Very polite mind you, but unable to pick on his usually very obvious social cues. Patronized, he'll talk louder, angrier...but despite her soothing well meaning tone, she (a robot) is clueless to his frustration and, thwarted by her programming limitations, talks in circles.

"It's not a real person" i try to telepathically remind him.
(he doesn't receive my message.)

I, on the other hand, am very alive and human (but not nearly as polite as a robot) and i want to hear what you have to say!!

If by chance (despite my usual TMI) I've left something out that you are just itching to know about teamBoo, please ask me :) I do my best to check out each blog of those of you who comment or link to mine, but i know how disappointing it can be to have a comment feel overlooked. I assure you i read and appreciate them all! (although I don't always reply...what kind of comment hoarding snob have I become!?) Since i am so scatter brained, most of my well intended replies fall by the wayside, and now I am feeling bad for leaving some of you hanging.

SO...ask away! Then i will answer them for you here in post form and then to be moved to an FAQ section of sorts. Unless you have no questions, in which case i'll probably feel really dumb and completely regret this post. Then you can just comment me to get over myself.
(i am trying to get more organized around here, so bear with me on the changes)

Some ideas to get the ball rolling: Why am i more grossed out with touching my own feet than cleaning my kid's poop chunks out of a bath? Do i even LIKE my severely blog overlooked husband? How many times a day do i check my freezer for ice cream i know i've already eaten? Would i rather listen to mambo #5 on repeat for the rest of my life, or have boobs for hands? You know, stuff that really matters ;)

I promise, your message will be heard loud and clear.

team boo 's you

*(seriously though this is also a place for regular questions too. Believe it or not, I'm NOT always being obnoxious. I have a normal amount of blah days and quiet moments. Remember how I take anxiety medicine guys? It keeps me in check. And i like that)


chelsey meyer said...

one question that i have been freakily stalking your previous posts for is.........

how old were you and the hubs when you have ellyot? BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE SO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, and well i'm young and trying to procreate. xo.

chelsey meyer said...

nevermind, i read through more posts and found le answer.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I have a question that you most likely already answered on here, but what do you do!? From the looks of things, you're an event planner, interior designer, graphic designer, etc. Or are you just a Mom with a million hobbies you're good at?!

Melissa said...

Ive asked about the running...are you training for a race? Have you ever run a marathon??? You mentioned something about running like 12 miles so I know there's something...just curious.

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