defenseless Jude: Little man on the moon

("little man on the moon" by Lisa Handy)

Lisa is sweet little "defenseless" Jude's mom. Jude is one of those classic looking baldy munchkins that you just want rub like a Bhudda belly. To me that automatically makes him the little Harold and the Purple Crayon kid...and you wanna know an awesome coincidence about that?...his dad's name is actually Crockett! (same as the author of the Harold series) AND there is a book called Harold's Trip to the Sky and he draws the moon!! SEE!!!...'s just now occurring to me that this might of been Lisa's inspiration all along? now i feel dumb. Well either way, it doesn't diminish the fact that this picture is cute and i am glad that you played my defenseless babies project Lisa :)

team boo 's you


Lisa said...

Ha! Definitely not my inspiration (didn't know this existed) BUT quite the coincidence! Blue jammies too!

Rachel said...

oh this is so cute! i love seeing what creativeness everyone comes up with....keep em' comin'.

and a question for you perhaps- are you from AZ, will live in AZ forever and any link or inspiration behind your kids cute names?

Aly said...

Omg..this is such a cute idea! Now I have to think of a scene for my defenseless baby:)

ArizonaLewis said...

we love harold in this house.
that moon baby is adorbs and so are all of the perfectly cut stars. xox

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