defenseless Ade: deep thinker

("confucius under the willow" by Heather Lewis)

We all know AZlewis. And if you don't, well i think it's time. If i know Heather, she has been dying for a good reason to put eyeliner on this kid; I am proud that the team boo: defenseless babies project could generate a safe place for this to be so (unless you are Angelina Jolie and you do it to your kid anyway, cause nothing you do seems weird after you made out with your own brother).

I was so entranced by all the silky stuff Heather owns, i almost missed the little cranes in the sky...nice touch. My favorite part though, is his little crossed baby leg all casual like "whatevs. i'm so wise, i don't even care"...makes me want to rip it off and eat it like a fried piece of chicken. Thanks for playing friend :)

team boo 's you


cara. said...

um, i tried twice today and it did not fly. how do you get the larger babies to hold still? or leave the props alone? i need tips! i have a hilarious picture in store for you.

Taylor K said...

I think this one is my fave. he looks so wise. and I heart AZLewis.

ArizonaLewis said...

thanks for noticing the cranes. wipes. my kids were so impressed with my wet cloth oragami skills as was i. the silkies are all part of my evening hours collection. plenty more where that came from (said smoothly with a long cigarette while wearing feathered slippers with kitten heels.)

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