ask boo: run for it

A few posts back, i promised you guys I'd answer some of your teamBoo questions that have undoubtedly been keeping you up at night. So here is the first of a series of "ask boo" posts that will probably blow your mind!...or put you to sleep.
(which could be good too...cause that's what you need right? sleep?...the questions...they've been keeping you up...remember?? gosh.)
here we go!

Regarding the running...are you training for a marathon or something? Have you ever run a marathon?

I have! two actually. They were crazy hard but awesome and strangely make me want to run more of them. The crappy parts are the long runs even if you go out of town, and the 5 day a week training. I felt like i lived at the gym. So while i do recommend a marathon, a half is much more conducive to having a life. 

Yes, unfortunately almost all my running is done on a treadmill since i can't fathom running inside an OVEN (Phoenix). Also i am a big scaredy cat when it comes to running alone outside, no matter what time of day it is. I'm SO jumpy if some perv honks, and I assume there is a rapist behind every bush. The key for me is to go with a number in mind: "today i am running 6 miles" then if i feel good i'll run more, if not, i stop at my goal number (although I never push through an injury). If i go just expecting to stop when i feel tired, i would in the first two or three miles every time (since that is about how long it takes for me to find a "rhythm") A lot of people say treadmills are boring. My gym has like 17 tv's in front of my face and i have music. Also i figure i am stuck with the same thoughts as i'd be if i were anywhere else, so i've adapted.

You'd have to talk to my hand if you tried to say you could never be a runner. I used to HATE it. Many people can't imagine being capable of running anything beyond a mile, but i assure you: you can (yes, you too Kami ;) Baby steps folks. The burning in your lungs and the side cramps go away after a couple weeks. I've seen people prove themselves wrong many times. I can tell you there is no time i feel more empowered and strong than when i have a good run (super cheese, i know). I crave it now. I think it's a great way to appreciate the amazing body you've been given. If you lived by me, i'd make you come with, and run your face off. 

I am not currently training, but am currently trying to get rid of about 15 lbs of baby weight. So i run a lot. The problem is...i eat a lot too :) 

team boo 's you

Stay tuned for more of your "ask boo" questions.
(Boy, do i sound self absorbed right now or what?..."look at me i'm so interesting!!"


Taylor K said...

you should get a formspring account. then people could ask you questions on there.

Michelle said...

oooh I kept meaning to think of one, and I finally did!

What city would you live in if money/kids/husband weren't an issue?

And where would you go visit if you could go anywhere in the world?

How do you think of your baby names? Actually you probably said that once...

Guess I thought of more than one... hehe

teamBoo said...

thanks taylor!

michelle...stay tuned :)

Lisa said...

I think this question/answer thing is do a fairly good job making fun of yourself, which makes you less self-absorbed and more interesting. I gotta get to the gym!

Melissa said...

Yay thanks! I'm a runner too. I've only run one marathon, but I have a half planned in January and a full in April...knees willing! I don't think you are self absorbed just self confident...we need more of that in this world!

Melissa said...

Ahhh I just checked the link to your race. I also ran the San Diego marathon but last! gettin creepy! Ok..I'm done stalking!

Christina said...

I can't push past the .75 mile mark! Is it normal to feel like you are drowning (!) when you're running!? My husband runs all of the time but I'm not sure I could run aware from an angry bear if my life depended on it!

teamBoo said...

Christina, never run from a bear anyway cause they run like 35 MPH. I freakin' hate bears...if you see one just let it eat you cause either way you're screwed ;)

Drowning? that's new. But stick with it. Try walking for one minute every 4 minutes of running. That way you can increase your mileage and endurance while letting you body recover from the feeling of gasping for air. It's all in the lung capacity :) Hope that helps!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i have always wanted to be a runner, but i never keep it going long enough! the mere thought of running more than a mile makes me queasy.

this makes me feel a bit better about it! you go girl!

{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

Aww and see I was worried this whole question thing would be ... kind of boring. And there you go starting off with something totally interesting! I love it!

Ok I've got a question for ya: what do you (and hubs) do for money? And, related to that, what was it like/how did you get going financially as a young family?

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