ask Boo: "the name game"

Your first name is "Carolyn" and your last name "Dike". So what's up with "teamBoo"?

We are actually more commonly known as the "Dikefests" but a little voice on my shoulder told me that that blog title might be slightly misleading. Pretty much any way you slice it, either my target audience wasn't going to find me, and/or my actual audience would be seriously let down. At the time I had recently rediscovered a few songs in my Itunes by Mates of State (a quirky husband and wife singing duo). I had never noticed before that one of their albums was called "team boo". It just stood out to me as an affectionate yet playful way of referring my often silly (if not inappropriate?) closeknit family. 

oh, and also i had no other ideas :)

team boo 's you


communikate. said...

i wondered if that's where your blog title came from.

love mates of state!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i always wondered about that!

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